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Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments Through Your Business Today



Use Shape’s bitcoin payment gateway to accept crypto currency.

Engage with an emerging market of customers who are looking to spend their bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open source, peer-to-peer encrypted payment system that has no central authority and does not rely on financial institutions like banks. Instead, it offers a completely anonymous solution to trading goods and services just like regular currency.

Save Time, Headaches & Money

Unlike credit card transactions, bitcoin payments have little to no processing fees, saving you money. All bitcoin transactions are protected by the bitcoin network, meaning that you can accept payments from anywhere in the world without worrying about fraud or chargebacks. Additionally, bitcoin payments can be transferred worldwide without limits, delays, or high fees due to the fact that it’s a world currency.

What You Need to Start Taking Bitcoin Payments

To start accepting bitcoin payments through your CRM, all you need to do is secure your wallet and payment requests. Once your bitcoin wallet is setup, there are no extensive security checks, extra costs, or PCI compliance regulations.


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