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Cloud-based click-to-call & power dialing

Interactive frameworks, forwarding & call flows

Get local and toll free phone numbers in a click

2X productivity with built-in call tools

Automatically capture leads, assign and de-duplicate, send follow ups, manage client projects, and more within one easy-to-use interface. Never lose track of important data or communications ever again!

Increase pickup rates with local presence phone numbers in area codes that your customers are familiar with. Plus, the ability to easily drop pre-recorded messages frees up your team’s time to focus on live contacts rather than leaving the same message over and over.

With live call monitoring and listen tools, you can increase sales and customer retention, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and track agent productivity and interactions. Call recording helps to maintain compliance and improve training efforts.

Through intuitive call scripts, guide agents through customer conversations, allowing them to quickly learn and select the best response. Shape call scripts are simple to create, update, and optimize, and they appear directly in the dialer.

Real-time Bidirectional SMS + MMS Messaging

Boost engagement with texting

  • SMS & MMS

    82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, and Shape helps you stay top of mind with powerful real-time SMS and MMS texting.

  • Conversational Text Inbox

    View all of your incoming and outgoing messages in Shape's conversational texting inbox. See contact details, filter your chats, and use text templates to make texting more efficient.

  • Bulk Messaging

    Schedule or instantly send personalized messages to 1 or 100,000 with bulk texting. Get notified, capture replies, and respond quickly with Shape's 2-way texting.

Thousands of professional pre-built templates

Send perfectly timed text and email follow-ups

Get 87% more email click throughs with video

Point of Sale

Streamline your process with a customer portal

Save over 20 hours a month, and close deals 50% faster by letting Shape's secure customer portal gather details and documents from your clients in a user-friendly way.

Gain deeper insights with reporting

Learn about user login sessions, communication overviews, and how frequently leads are converted into opportunities. For sales and marketing oversight, these reports can be filtered to see the performance of an individual, team, and lead source.

Measure lead generation and campaign performance through data-driven intelligence. Identify trends and patterns to analyze how to improve current processes and build future strategies.

Build endlessly customizable reports that help you make more informed business decisions and boost conversions. Get the data you need to invest in strategies that will actually move the needle.

Use shape with your favorite apps

Shape integrates thousands of tools, both native and third-party!

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Best CRM by FAR!


Elisa S.

Best CRM we've used by far. We're now looking to use their general CRM for other companies we own (property management, call center, and sales). They have all the major features we use, and the look and feel is in a different universe vs. other systems we've used. We also use their auto-dialer, e-mail/texts, and a lot of their other general contact management. The benefit there is we can actually nurture leads with e-mail and text marketing. We're just starting to build out our online ads with them, excited to see how they perform.

Great system to manage our pipeline


Dorsa M.

We've used Shape for a couple years now, and mainly use it to manage our prospects and for contact management. It's definitely easy to use and we do all our e-mail and text follow-ups through there. I like that we can record all our calls it makes it easy to send the recordings instead of having to describe prospects. We also use it for project and task management.

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