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Student admissions portal

Streamline admissions & enrollment 50% faster with responsive application funnels, and document collection.


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A mobile-optimized branded digital portal

Secure doc uploads in one place

  • Templated Document Sets

    Create needs lists for different scenarios with an easy drag-and-drop solution for your students

  • eSignature Solutions

    Digitize document signing without the cost and maintenance of a third party

  • Cloud-Based Storage

    Stop digging through emails for attachments and automatically gather all required documents in one place

Survey-Style Application Questions

Save time by letting the software gather details from your students in a user-friendly way

Rated 5-stars for ease of use & value

"Shape is an amazing clear-cut, efficient, streamlined software that allows you to customize to your personal needs."
Timmya G., Mortgage Underwriter​
"The CRM has been tailored made for our business. It's helped us optimize our workflow and helped increase productivity."
Sara H. Major Account Executive
"The software came with everything already built into it or it was just a click to connect what we wanted in the integration dashboard."
Genevieve J. Legal Associate
"The reliability, outstanding customer service and the amount of time/expense saved daily from this awesome tool. Very easy to use."
Administrator in Information Technology and Services

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