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Offer customers a simple & secure hub to generate new leads, complete applications, upload documents, and more. Streamline your loan process, create a best-in-class client experience, and close more deals than ever before.



Branded & Intuitive Interface

White-label your point of sale with your name, logo, compliance details, doc sets, colors, and more for brand recognition. Configure the length of the form, or add custom questions and follow-up.

Co-Branding With Partners

Partnering with other individuals and businesses, both on and offline, is a tremendous way to increase your brand’s awareness while gaining valuable referrals and exposure. Provide referral partners with brandable links to ensuring mutual clients have a comfortable experience that input customer information, applications, and documents directly into your system for follow up.

Survey-Style Questionnaire

A smooth and simple interface guides customers through their application, by leveraging visual cues and intelligent routing. For loan originators, a web-based loan application must be brandable, flexible to their needs, and capable of automating as many front-end tasks as possible.

Language Translation

To help provide the same streamlined application process to more customers, Shape’s POS incorporates multilingual translations: English, Spanish, and Chinese.


Notifications are a type of time management and reminder solution that is designed to alert the user, or customer of important milestones, events, updates, and more to stay up to date on the lifecycle of a customer. Notifications offer internal company and external customer messaging and engagement solutions, with mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email. Use the pre-built notifications and supplement custom notifications through templates and triggers, or drip campaigns.

Business Rules & Logic

An automated trigger is an initial input that kicks off the activation of an automated action. Trigger automation can kick off an entire automated process in response to various input types such as a status change, new field inputs, call outcomes, etc.

eSignature Solutions

eSignature is a document signing tool that you can use to legally—and securely—collect approvals online in minutes and have all of the sent and signed documents stored within the customer’s record with advanced field mappings. Used to replace lengthy manual signing processes, e-signatures speed the agreement process and maximize productivity.

Auto Document Collection

Make it simple for your customers to know exactly what is on their needs-list, and even easier to get it to you. Quickly collect accurate supporting documentation from your borrowers in a secure, centralized, digital environment.

Unlimited Needs List Items

Floify generally provides a maximum of 15 items with their needs list. Shape does not have a maximum. This is important since you may have different needs lists for different types of loans, and you may have more than 15.

Advanced Distribution Rules

Distribution rules automate the delivery of records to your system’s users. Distribution allows you to quickly and intelligently route records based on a variety of factors and filters - such as assigning the right leads to the right reps based on licensing, areas of expertise, etc.

Duplicate Contact Management

Automatically or manually find and handle duplicates using a combination of matching rules and duplicate merge preferences. By activating duplicate rules, you can control how duplicate leads are handled, keeping your database clean, and avoiding confusion between customers and users.

Pipeline Management

Manage and monitor your incoming sales and business opportunities through your pipeline, tracking them across the different stages of the lead's journey until they are finally closed as won or lost.

Prioritization Rules

Prioritization rules save your users valuable time and provide needed focus on optimal activities strategies. These well-defined sales process and contact strategies greatly improve productivity and sales results. Work off of segmented, rule-based prioritized lists or blind queues to optimize your reps’ time and productivity.

Drip Campaigns

Remind customers through automation campaigns - pre-build in the system. This involves a series of actions that occur over longer periods of time in order to nurture records through the sales funnel based on the stage they are at in the workflow. Target specific records keeping their minds engaged with emails and text messages and more.

Bi-Directional Texting

Conveniently send and receive SMS and MMS messages manually, automatically, or in bulk in a single platform with advanced tracking, oversight tools, and reporting. Save all communications within the record, and set up notifications via popup, email, phone, and app push notification to all assigned users. Voice dictation and 10DLC supported.

Integrated Dialer

An integrated, cloud-based platform, which means there is no need to replace existing hardware or purchase new equipment. All the communication tools users need in one place. Save time and be more productive with phone, email, and text communication tools on a single screen with automated logging and reporting. Enjoy features such as: Click-to-Call, QuickFire Connect, Local Presence, Inbound Call Routing & Conditional Call Flow Rules, Call Queue Power Dialing, Reporting & Analytics, Pre-Recorded Voicemails, Live Call Monitoring, Call Recordings, IVR Rules, and more.

Post Close Campaigns

When the borrower completes the final milestone, Shape will put that client on a post close drip campaign, to nurture them and increase your chances of getting client referrals. When that client wants to refinance they know to come back to you and not somebody else. Floify does not provide the same native drip campaigns but you can purchase additional software to do it.

Direct Display Ad Marketing

With Shape, once a borrower fills out the first step of the application, you can retarget and remarket them with ads directly from your company, to bring them back and complete the application. Directly advertise and target people that have visited your website, filled out a form, or even closed a loan with you already. With display ads and advertising from Shape, you increase your click-thru-rate (the percentage of people that click your ads) and get more leads.

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