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Shape CRM with Client Portal

Save over 20 hours a month, and close deals 50% faster with a client portal


Join 21,000 users powered by Shape


Deliver positive experiences that keep customers coming back.

Wow potential clients with a branded portal

Increase trust with co-brandable landing pages

Supports English, Spanish, and Chinese languages

Increase your pull-thru rate

Save time by letting the software gather details from your clients with easy-to-use question & answer interactive tiles.

Hide and show desired intake questions through Shape’s easy-to-use portal settings, and create your own custom questions unique to your business.

A progress bar is used to visually encourage customers to complete their applications.

Document Requests & File Management

Collect documents securely

  • Custom Needs Lists

    Create document needs list templates unique to each situation. Stop digging through emails for attachments and automatically gather all required files in one place.

  • Easy Doc Upload

    Provide an easy drag-and-drop solution for your clients to securely upload the documents you need to finalize the deal.

  • eSignature Solutions

    Shape’s native eSignature tool is a sophisticated, multi-signer solution that allows you to digitize contract signing without the cost and maintenance of a third party.

Mobile Friendly

Accessible on any device

With Shape’s responsive cloud-based customer portal, your clients can experience your point of sale anywhere, on any device.

Collapse timelines with auto updates

With milestones and progress visibility, your client’s satisfaction levels drive them to complete tasks and reassure them information is completed.

Automate communications by nurturing leads through the application, updating customers and partners at crucial milestones, so you can focus on what you do best – closing more business.

Instant notifications inform you, your customers, and linked partners of information or documents needed, making staying up-to-date fast, simple, and transparent.

Use Shape with your favorite apps

Shape integrates thousands of tools, both native and third-party!

See what our customers are saying

Best CRM by FAR!


Elisa S.

Best CRM we've used by far. We're now looking to use their general CRM for other companies we own (property management, call center, and sales). They have all the major features we use, and the look and feel is in a different universe vs. other systems we've used. We also use their auto-dialer, e-mail/texts, and a lot of their other general contact management. The benefit there is we can actually nurture leads with e-mail and text marketing. We're just starting to build out our online ads with them, excited to see how they perform.

Great system to manage our pipeline


Dorsa M.

We've used Shape for a couple years now, and mainly use it to manage our prospects and for contact management. It's definitely easy to use and we do all our e-mail and text follow-ups through there. I like that we can record all our calls it makes it easy to send the recordings instead of having to describe prospects. We also use it for project and task management.

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