Shape Implementation Guide


First Steps:

Configure Your User Profile & Company Settings

The very first step in implementation is to configure your user profile and preferences and company settings.

Review & Set Up Basic System Settings Preferences

Before adding users and going to the next steps, review the following settings pages and make sure that the basic system settings has been configured to meet the needs of your company. It is advisable to configure these as much as possible before adding more users to your system to establish consistency amongst your team. These pages can be revised at any time.

Next Steps:

Add Usage Credits

Your usage credits cover calling minutes, call recording, sms messaging, phone numbers, bulk emailing, and eSignature solutions. If you plan on using calling, text messaging, automated communications via drips & triggers, then add some credits on your account. You are in control of your variable usage credits by adding a usage credit balance on your account. This credit applies to your system as a whole and as you use usage credits, it will deduct from the balance. You’ll be alerted when you when you’re running low to re-charge. Your usage credits do not expire if you do not use them, the balance rolls over month-to-month. Usage credits must be paid for by credit card only. Shape Software does not accept ACH for usage credits.

Configure Phone & Text Settings

Add calling, messaging, and phone numbers to roll out new ways of communication within your Shape Software system.

Invite Users

Invite users to your system. Users cannot share logins if both plan on using Shape at the same time. Users must configure their user profile and preferences:

Create Teams

Teams are used to manage and track productivity among a group of people. Creating and assigning teams to managers also allows managers to track productivity amongst the users they oversee. Learn More

Getting There:

Templates, Guidelines, Documents & eSignature Solutions

Review and edit the following settings pages and make sure that the your template settings have been configured to meet the needs of your company. These templates are seen by users and are also used in automated communication tools such as drip campaigns and triggers.

Review & Set Up Marketing Sources

This settings page settings page can be as simple as changing the names of the “Source” dropdown for manual entry, or can be a very powerful tool to import leads directly into your system via web form or Post URL as leads inquire. Learn More

Review & Configure Drip Campaigns

A drip campaign is a method used in direct marketing to acquire customers through automation and lead nurture programs. It involves a series of actions that occur over longer periods of time in order to nurture records through the marketing funnel. Learn More

Review & Create Triggers

Shape triggers are automation tools that allow you to scale your growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks. Learn More

Review Marketing Guides

Learn more about Shape’s automated opt-out practices and email deliverability.

Final Steps:

Duplicate Management Settings

Maintaining accurate data builds the trust of your team and helps you work toward complying with various data protection and privacy regulations. Shape gives you tools for managing duplicates one at a time manually or automatically to track and eliminate duplicate records. Learn More

Distribution Rules

Define how your records are distributed and assigned. Add automation rules or choose manual assignment. Learn More

Prioritization Rules

Prioritize records based on defined filters. These settings organize your user’s record pipelines in the order in which you'd like to view them from high to low priority. Learn More

Shark Tank Rules

Old or neglected records can get distributed to the Shark Tank for Users, Managers, and Admins to "Claim" off of certain rules which will re-assign the lead to the user that claims assignment. Learn More


Integrate with your favorite apps to enhance your Shape experience. Some integrations listed here may require additional support from our expert tech team. Please reach out to us at with any questions regarding integrations or need some assistance. We are happy to help! Learn More

Data Migration

You can easily import external data into Shape. Import supports data in the comma delimited text format (.csv). Learn More