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Step 4: Trigger Automation

System Customization/Configuration: Creating Automation Through Triggers

What Are Triggers?

Triggers are a way to automate aspects of your system from productivity tools within your CRM (note popups, calendar popups, record conversions, etc) to communication tools such as an email or text message being sent to your customers. It is recommended to set up communications that require follow up over longer periods to be set up in drip campaigns.

Managing Triggers: In the top navigation, navigate to your settings pages. On the settings pages left-hand sidebar, click “Manage Triggers.” There, you should see your list of triggers in the system. These triggers represent folders of triggers, which helps with organization and turning on triggers in bulk.
Trigger Folders: Opening up a trigger from the main list view brings you into the folder structure. At the top, you can name and describe your trigger set. If the status is “OFF” then these triggers are inactive and no triggers that you define here will take place. Turning this to “ON” will activate the triggers. Underneath, you will see a table containing all of your folder triggers.
Understanding Triggers: When adding or editing a trigger, the trigger type is the event that will initiate the trigger. The Trigger Type list items are all the items that you can initiate a trigger off of.
Understanding Triggers: The action type is the action that will occur once the trigger type is initiated. The Action Type list items are all the items that you can perform with a trigger.
Understanding Triggers: The Choose Trigger and Choose Action are dynamic lists that allow you to select which Trigger and Action you would like to perform after selecting the Trigger & Action Types.
Understanding Triggers: The Action Schedule dictates when the Action will occur after the Trigger is initiated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Add, edit, delete, de-activate and activate triggers via the “Manage Triggers” settings page.

You can, you will just need to build out multiple triggers to support your multi-actions. If you are trying to use triggers to communicate over periods of time, we recommend drip campaigns instead. Drips are initiated off of the record type, and status primarily.