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We make industry-specific solutions, but also build custom solutions too:

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Pipeline Management

Manage, track, and optimize all your sales opportunities throughout the different stages of your lead's journey to close more opportunities.

Get consistency and proper resource allocation to all your prospects to maximize profitability and efficiency within your business.

Marketing Suite

The best marketing suite in the industry to generate more leads, appointments, and closed deals.

Choose from over 1,000 pre-built, best-in-class templates for your email, text, and video marketing, or send direct mailer flyers to help generate more business today.

Call, Text, and MMS

Utilize our award-winning phone system to call and text your leads, all while powering your follow-up with Shape’s automation.

Explore hundreds of built-in features such as inbound call routing, local presence, and bulk texting to maximize your productivity with one of the most easy-to-use communications packages available.

Sales Automation

Automate repetitive and simple tasks to build a more efficient and profitable business. Some of the benefits of using Shape for sales automation include:

Task Management

Complete projects more efficiently and allow you and your team to visualize and collaborate to get more done, faster.

Prioritize and automate tasks in a single platform and utilize Shape’s automation to maximize your existing team’s output.

Reporting & Analytics

See the most important stats for your business at a glance of your Shape dashboard or access over 50+ pre-built reports to visualize virtually every detail of your business.

Shape’s reporting suite also allows you to build custom reports so you can have the specific information you want, to make the right decisions for your business.

Industry-leading feature highlights

Lead Scoring

Score leads based on interest level and value. Focus your time on your best prospects.

Lead Distribution Rules

Auto-assign leads to agents based on reps’ working hours, licensing, and location.

Drip Campaigns

Send automated text and email campaigns that pull customers through the sales funnel.

Marketing Templates

Email, text, posters, and more. 1,000+ pre-built, proven templates.

Cloud-Based Phone Platform

Call and text from your computer. Automatically log calls and add notes. No new hardware required.


Access all of your contacts in one interface. Contact customers with a single click. No manual dialing.

Shark Tank Lead Pool

Store old or neglected leads in a shared contact pool. Sales reps can quickly access and create new campaigns.

Follow-Up Automation

Automatically follow up with leads via email & text. Get the 17 touch points you need to win a client.

Reminder Notifications

Send automated email & text reminders to customers to keep the process moving. Plus deal status updates keep them informed.

Document Storage

Automatically store files attached to your contact records all in one, cloud-based platform.


Populate documents with signatures in seconds. Eliminate lengthy manual signing processes.


Integrates with 5,000+ apps, including Gmail, Calendly, and Mailchimp.

21,000+ customers automate sales & marketing with Shape


Increase in Sales


Faster Sales Cycle

40 hrs

Saved per Month

Use Shape's built-in customer portal

Capture Leads

Increase your conversions by 27% using step-by-step question and answer style forms. Securely gather information that automatically populates into your system in real time.

Gather Documents

Create needs lists for different scenarios with an easy drag-and-drop solution for your clients and digitize contract signing without the cost and maintenance of a third party.

Partner Visibility

Increase partner and referral business by providing your referral partners an easy way to market and refer business for you.

Stay Up to Date

Send automatic texts and e-mail reminders based on where your clients are in your pipeline so you can focus on more important tasks.

Shape AI makes your work easier

Revolutionize your customer relationships with Shape's built-in artificial intelligence.

Take your work on the go

Enhance your contact files with ease by effortlessly attaching files of your choice. Select from your photos, files, or shared documents, directly from your mobile device.

Integrate with thousands of your favorite apps

Award winning support team & training webinars

We offer a complete client-focused experience. Ongoing training and onboarding webinars. Rich resource center and responsive support.

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Trusted and loved by 21,000 users and growing

4.8/5 ―

from 1,014 reviews

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"Most useful CRM I've ever used. It was easy to learn, everything was very intuitive and the user experience was sleek."

Pegah S. Technology Partnerships Manager

Source: Shape G2 reviews

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