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Minimum User Commitment

The right product shouldn’t lock you in with contracts, it should lock you in with satisfaction. Month to month contracts allow you to increase or decrease users and cancel contracts according to your needs. Why should you, or anyone in your organization, pay for something you don’t want, need, or that doesn’t work for you?


Shape has month to month contracts available to suit your business’ needs. This price includes phone functionality.


Jungo only provides annual contracts so for a single user they can either pay $1,499 up front or $149/month monthly for 12 months ($1,788). This price does not include any phone functionality.

Native Text Functionality

Native text functionality means SMS/texting through the system without the need for additional software.

Text functionality is built directly into the system with no need to integrate or get an account with any additional software.

Jungo requires you to signup for a Twilio account in order to have text functionality

Integrated Phone/Dialer

An integrated phone/dialer is quite possibly the most important feature you can have in a mortgage CRM and Jungo does not have a native one without the need to purchase it from a separate company. Shape’s dialer has over 30 features (intelligent call routing, heads-up-display, full IVR, etc.)

Shape’s integrated dialer is a best-in-class dialer solution that comes with every system.

Jungo does not have a native phone or dialer. Separate software must be purchased and connected in order to have phone functionality.

Middle-man Software

Middle-man Software means the software is mostly built on top of another software, similar to a whitelabel solution of another system. Jungo is completely built on Salesforce and is effectively a Salesforce system, configured differently with different integrations, and a different logo. Because of this, product and feature development is handicapped not only by Salesforce but Jungo’s own infrastructure and rules. This is a main reason why Jungo does not have a dialer, native text functionality, and many other vital features.

Shape’s infrastructure allows it to continue developing cutting edge software without being hampered by Salesforce’s rules and environment.

While the Salesforce brand name is utilized thoroughly by Jungo, it actually hampers Jungo’s ability to provide software (such as a dialer, texting, and even a mobile app) without having to use other software or go through Salesforce itself. The difference in user interface and functionality is apparent just from looking at the two systems.

Native e-signature solution

Native e-signature solutions allow you to send documents for e-signatures to potential clients directly to their mobile device or desktop, without the need to purchase third party signature software like Docusign.

Shape has a native e-signature solution allowing users to obtain signatures without the need to purchase additional software and at a lower cost per signature.

Jungo does not have its own e-signature solution and additional e-signature software must be purchased at a premium price to Shape’s signature solution.

ShapeIQ (A.I. Lead Scoring)

Instantly analyze 700+ data points to contact only the leads with the best chance of closing. Benefits of ShapeIQ: -Prioritize contacting leads with only the highest expected value (probability of closing x loan amount) -Increase conversion % -Increase monthly closed loan volume -Reduce time spent on leads that won’t close

ShapeIQ uses data from over $10 billion of closed loans, 15+ years of data, and your business data (which users have highest close %, what types of loans do you close best etc.) to maximize your team’s productivity.

Jungo does not have A.I. based lead scoring.

Targeted Online Advertising

Targeted Online Advertising allows you to show ads specifically to records in your system or based on certain traits. Click through rates for these ads can be 10x higher than normal display ads, and pairing retargeting ads with Shape e-mail campaigns can boost chances for a sale by over 50%.

Shape allows you to show ads directly to people (leads, accounts, records, etc.) in your Shape system.

Jungo does not have the ability to run display advertisements from within their system.

Native Client Portal

A native client portal or POS is vital to a mortgage broker, and allows borrowers to upload documents directly through an application or website, without having to integrate with a third party or separate company. A native POS provides your client’s a way to securely apply and submit personal information (financials, social security etc.) along with closing documents (drivers license, bank statements, etc.).

Shape’s client portal (POS) allows you to customize your needs list with information and documentation you require to close a deal and also remarket any uncompleted applications.

Jungo does not have its own client portal or POS and this must be purchased from a separate company such as Blend or Floify.

Intelligent Call Routing

When a lead dials your company, being able to intelligently program call routing can boost conversions over 50%. Choose from ring-all (rings all users), roundrobin (rings users in an order), or groups (build intelligent groups i.e. departments etc.). Or select top performing users to receive calls based on rules you set.

Enterprise level intelligent call routing and IVR functionality available with Shape.

Not available with Jungo.

Call Recording

Call recording is important so that you can track and evaluate communications. Instantly record and easily listen to live or past phone calls to refer to specific factual information, and use them for training, quality assurance, and compliance purposes.

Shape’s enterprise phone system can record all calls and store them.

Jungo does not have the ability to record calls.

Quickfire Connect

Speed to contact is the #1 important metric to a mortgage broker when a new lead come in. With Quickfire Connect when people call the lead instantly pops up on your screen allowing you to connect instantly.

Instantly notify all users when a call comes in for someone to pickup immediately, or use intelligent call routing to send calls to the right person.

Jungo does not have this feature without having to purchase third party software.

Local Presence

Lift call connection rates by 400% when prospects recognize a local number calling.

This feature is native and available with Shape’s dialer.

Jungo does not have a dialer and therefore does not have local presence ability without third party software.

Voicemail Drops

52% of business calls go to voicemails and 20% of every salesperson’s time is spent leaving voicemails. Automate this process with Shape’s voicemail drops and save up to 20 hours of manual labor each month by taking advantage of voicemail drops.

This feature is native and available with Shape’s dialer.

Jungo does not have the ability to do voicemail drops without the need to purchase third party software.

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