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Power dialer

Click to call functionality with local presence, pre-recorded voicemail drop, call dispositions, conference calls and call transfers, and many other features to increase your call performance. Let Shape automatically prioritize calls for your team members and increase productivity by over 40%.

Call tracking and live monitoring

Inbound and outbound call tracking software that lets you visualize or listen to call performance with best-in-class call monitoring software. Listen, whisper, and barge into to live calls in real time, see agent talk time, track call volume, and other metrics at a glance of your dashboard with call performance leaderboards.

Intelligent call routing

Shape’s automatic call distribution routes inbound calls to available agents, or based on a variety of pre-configured or customized rules including: ring all, round robin, assigned team members, call forwarding, IVR, and more.

Get phone numbers

You can call your clients from anywhere with Shape CRM's built-in VoIP phone system using our mobile and web apps. Get each member of your team a toll-free or virtual phone number with a certain area code. Use Shape CRM's world-class calling and texting tools, which can start making calls in under five minutes.

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