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Join Shape experts for a 1-hour comprehensive system onboarding and user training.


Join Shape experts for a 1-hour comprehensive system onboarding and user training.


Join Shape experts for a 1-hour comprehensive system onboarding and user training.


Join Shape experts for a 1-hour comprehensive system onboarding and user training.

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Mobile app walkthrough

Get started

Be sure to download the latest version of the application from either the App Store or Google Play. If you have the old app, please delete that app before installing the new one. You will use the same login credentials that you use on your computer.

Add your call settings

Before you can start calling in Shape's mobile app, you need to enter your cell phone number in the "Call Settings" section within your account settings. Click on your profile picture in the upper right-corner to get to your account settings. If you enter another number other than the phone number of the mobile device your app is installed on, you will run into issues.

Contact categories

Work your different record types by simply selecting the contact category from the top dropdown. Once there, choose from your prioritized pipeline views, all from your smartphone!

Using prioritized views

Manage, track, and optimize all your sales opportunities throughout the different stages of your lead's journey to close more opportunities. The same prioritized views you love on your computer, are also available on mobile.

Using quick actions

Easily call, text, and email your contacts directly from the list view using quick actions. To open a lead, click the name of the contact, and to see more actions, swipe left.

Make, receive, and track calls

Experience effortless call management with the Shape mobile app! Click-to-dial, check your missed calls, listen to call recordings, and access voicemail messages all in one convenient location.

Send and receive texts

Streamline your text message management with Shape! Handle your incoming and outgoing texts all in one centralized location. Quickly send messages and effortlessly view and respond to incoming ones.

Send emails

Utilize Shape's mobile app to send emails that seamlessly track in the CRM for complete visibility. Engage with your customers, even when you're away from your computer.

Check and leave notes

Stay on top of your leads and customers' information, even when you're on-the-go! Use the Shape mobile app to add new contacts, leave and review notes, and update customer files - all without needing a computer.

Track activity logs

Access activity logs for each contact to check on updates, automation efforts, team collaboration, and more.

File uploads

Enhance your contact files with ease by effortlessly attaching files of your choice. Select from your photos, files, or shared documents, directly from your mobile device.

Tasks are coming soon!

In the next update of the Shape mobile app, you'll be able to manage your tasks on-the-go. Stay tuned for more updates and features available!

Frequently Asked Questions

The “Add User” button on the Manage Users Settings page will allow you to add users to your system. A popup will appear prompting you to fill out the user’s basic information, their role in your system, and their phone settings. When completed, Shape will send an invitation to the email provided with the user’s login information.

Here’s a link to the “Manage Users” settings page

You can upload a CSV file with a maximum of 3,000 records per file on the Imports settings page. Mortgage CRM templates support MISMO 3.4 and FNM 3.2 files. MISMO & FNM files do not require mapping and the records will be assigned to the user that imports the file, but must be statused after importing as these files do not include statuses.


When you import contacts to Shape, you’ll match each column in your import file to a field in your Shape Software system. Certain types of fields, like email address and birthday, require a specific format to import correctly, which are outlined in the Import Support Guide. Fields from your file are defaulted to append to the notes sidebar and this option is used for fields in your CSV file that do not have a corresponding field in Shape.

Here’s a link to the “Import” page in Shape

Outbound dialing in Shape includes 2 options: the Webphone (dialing from within your internet browser) and Call Forwarding (calls are routed to an external phone such as a cell phone or desk phone). Your calling preference can be set from within the Shape Dialer Slideout or from within your user profile. 


The webphone popup is what facilitates making and receiving calls in Shape and this popup is automatically launched upon logging into Shape and if it is closed out then no calls can be made or received until it is launched again so you will want to minimize this popup while logged in. 


To dial you can click the phone icon from your list view and within a record as well as manually typing in the number in your dialer slideout.

Your portal referral link can be found within your user profile in the Portal Referral Link field. From there you can copy and paste this into manual communications as well as embed it in your website and email signature for customers to quickly apply.

You can easily bring more columns into your list view by clicking on the “Columns” drop down and using the check marks to select the columns you would like to see then clicking on “Apply Changes to List.” You can also reorganize your columns by clicking on “Organize Columns” and using the click and drag feature to move the columns as needed.

Once you turn on a drip campaign, it becomes active from the time you turn it on into the future. This means that contacts that have been sitting in the initiation status for a long period of time before the campaign was turned on will not be enrolled in the campaign and do not send retroactively.


Any records in the initiation status at the time the campaign was OFF will need to be changed into a different status and then back to the initiation status in order to be enrolled into the campaign once turned ON.


Drip campaign communications are set to send when the record hits the initiation status, and stop when an end status is reached or when the campaign runs out of content.

Your system comes out of the box with best practices for your industry however this does not work perfectly for everyone and there are a number of configurations that can be made to suit your system to your business needs. Anything that you can customize and configure within Shape Software is available to users with the appropriate permission via the “Settings” pages.


If you’re looking for more extensive customization, please submit a customization request to support@setshape.com with details of your requests for more information.

Yes! You can add custom questions to the Shape POS Customer Portal as well as custom fields by utilizing the “Custom” Workflow Tab! The “Custom” tab can be enabled from the Manage Departments Settings Page and to customize portal intake questions, this can be done on the “Manage Customer Portal” settings page.

You can reach out to our dedicated Billing Team by email at billing@setshape.com to answer any questions regarding charges to your system. A breakdown of charges made to your account can also be found in your Billing and Transactions Settings page within your system.

You can reset your password anytime from the log in screen by clicking “Forgot Password?” Alternatively, you can reach out to your system administrator to reset your password on your behalf as well as reaching out to our dedicated support team at support@setshape.com.

You can have an Administrator in your system restore any deleted records from the Deleted Records Report for up to 90 days. Alternatively, you can email support@setshape.com to restore any records deleted from your system.

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