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How to Enable and Set Up Shape’s POS

Adding Shape's Customer Portal

Kick start your relationships on the right foot with a white-labeled portal that showcases your company’s brand and reinforces the value you provide. Enable and set up your customer portal (POS) directly from the settings pages within your Shape Software CRM.

Enable the customer portal via the “Integrations” page in you CRM system settings.

Get here by clicking on “Settings” in the gradient navigation bar and navigating to “Integrations” on the left hand sidebar, or clicking the link below.

Create your portal subdomain URL by typing in the prefix. Your prefix will be followed by When entering in the prefix, do not include https:// or the or you will get an error message. 


For this example, the portal URL will be It is only necessary to type in the “companyname” part that is bolded.

View this guide for advanced domain customization.

After saving the portal URL successfully, the customer portal will reflect as “Connected” indicating the portal is now active. However, there are still a couple more steps in the process to ensure the portal functions properly within the CRM.

Next, choose which users will have a portal subscription that will be able to send invitations, review and approve/decline documents, see answers to custom questions, check off milestones, and more. Once you’ve enabled your users with portal access, the portal toggle should appear green.

After enabling portal users, you should be able to open a contact in your system and see a new “Portal” tab, which supports  

*Please note that the users with portal access are billed a monthly license fee for portal subscriptions.

Connect the Shape POS to your system on the integrations page. This screenshot shows a connected portal.
Turning on/off this toggle switch will effect what users have access to the Shape POS features. Any toggle that is ON will charge for portal use for each user.

Customizing Shape's Customer Portal

Once Shape's customer portal has been added via the settings page, and your users have been activated, start configuring the settings to your needs. Shape's customer portal is pre-configured to industry standards, but each company has its own preferences. From the "Manage Customer Portal" settings page, you can easily alter the application, needs lists, custom questions, necessary fields, and more.

White label Shape's portal with your company logo & colors

Using the "Manage Customer Portal" settings tab, upload your logo file. For the best look, use a high-quality.png file type with background transparency. You can also update the sidebar color and text to match your branding.

If you need to add additional portal footer content for legal reasons, you can navigate to the "Company Settings" page where you can add up to 2,500 characters of footer content.

Create custom document needs lists

In the "Manage Customer Portal" settings page, you can easily add needs list document requests that are either for standard upload, or for eSignature. Add the documents at the top of the page, and create unlimited needs lists below.

Find users' sharable links & co-branded partner links

Once the customer portal is enabled, your users will see a new "Portal" tab within the contact details pages to easily send applications via email or text, approve and decline documents, and more. Additionally, your users will get a new portal link in their user profile to add to email signatures, on your website, etc. to capture new lead applications, and gather needs list documents.

Share the white labeled portal URL that you created when you set up the customer portal on your website. When a new consumer registers for an account, the company-wide link instantly generates new leads in the system. The newly produced lead will be checked through duplicate management rules as well as distribution rules to assign to the appropriate user.

Each user who has been granted portal access will receive an individual portal URL that they can share. By clicking on their profile photo in the upper right hand corner of the screen in the navigation bar, they can access this link in their user profile settings. Under the “Personal Information” page, you’ll find a connection to the portal. To generate business, most users will include this URL in their email signature. Leads will go through duplicate management rules and assign to the particular user attached to the portal link as they sign up for the portal.

After saving the portal URL successfully, the customer portal will reflect as “Connected” indicating the portal is now active. However, there are still a couple more steps in the process to ensure the portal functions properly within the CRM.

Add custom questions to your portal application

Shape gives you the ability to add custom questions for those situations that fit outside of the norm. Since we can’t add these custom questions to the 3.2 file, we save the responses in the customer's "Portal" tab within their record!

Define required fields

If there are specific questions that you do not want a customer to be able to get past without filling in, Shape gives you the ability to make any questions in the portal application mandatory to be filled out before moving on.

Reviewing user & customer portal notifications

Shape comes out of the box with triggers set to notify the user, as well as the borrower , for updates regarding their application! We recommend reviewing these triggers to make sure that they work for your company's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is most commonly due to user error on the part of the borrower. However please submit a ticket to and our dedicated support team will be happy to take a look at the logs for that record.

On the Portal Tab within a record, you will find the “Download Zip” button which will download all of that record’s documents into a zip file.

The logo across your entire customer portal (in the top left) is managed from the Manage Customer Portal settings page. The logo on the left-hand side of the landing page will pull from the assigned user’s profile or the company settings page if using the general company link.

You can remove the existing questions and re-order how the fields appear, however, the questions themselves are not currently customizable.

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