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Elevate your lead management strategy with expert system and administrative optimization.

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The masterminds behind Professional Services

Scott Payne

With 20+ years in lead management, Scott has driven transformative projects since 2004. Scott leads Shape Professional Services and specializes in optimizing ROI-driven strategies. An expert in lead distribution, call routing, and analytics, his strategies effectively boost conversion and retention rates.

Billy Cheng

Starting as an analyst and advancing to system administrator, then manager of product support, Billy has overseen initiatives across call centers and enterprise operations, including a 900-strong sales team, achieving optimized system potential & revolutionary lead strategies.

Jim Fullen

With a career spanning almost 20 years in lead management, Jim has developed a diverse skill set ranging from executive customer relations at one of the nation’s largest banks to excelling in customer experience optimization, sales, project management, and system administration across companies of all sizes.

Empower your business with IT excellence

  • Installation and Configuration

    We customize operating systems, apps, and services to align with your needs, while also maintaining documentation for configurations, training, and troubleshooting.

  • Maintenance and Monitoring

    We work to ensure optimal system performance by proactively resolving and preventing issues. We manage the complexities, optimize resources, and strategize your growth.

  • Troubleshooting

    We strategize efficient solutions and resolve workflow issues. Collaborating with IT experts, including network and database administrators, we ensure a seamless and secure IT ecosystem.

Allow us to handle the heavy lifting for you

Workflow Efficiency

Through secret shopping, Shape Professional Services maps the lead experience from start to finish, pinpointing opportunities to enhance lead conversion rates for your company with actionable insights.

Dedicated Support

Get personalized 1:1 support from administrators who've crafted custom solutions for your business. From training to fine-tuning and issue resolution, Shape Professional Services has your back.

User Management

Shape administrators can expertly streamline user management, maintain permissions, and establish consistent settings, giving you with the assurance that your staff setup is optimized to perfection.

Strategic Planning

Take your business to the next level with specialized strategic consultation services that optimize lead management, covering everything from lead distribution to post-close strategies.

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Charity Ohlund Director of Marketing & Business Development

Fountain Mortgage

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