Run Your Debt Settlement Business
in One Easy to Use Software


Streamline sales, reduce processing time, and ensure total compliance.


Easier, Better Sales Tools


Debt settlement teams need tools that simplify the sales process while maintaining 100% compliance. Shape makes it easy to get the deal closed with a robust system designed to help your team to follow up with every lead.


Intake & Follow Up

Manage your entire intake process in one place! Automatically assign and manage leads, create custom triggers, and send online contracts and essential documents securely that include Shape's built-in eSignature.

Flexible Enrollment Programs

Design your own enrollment templates to provide flexibility in your calculators and program structures.

Fee Calculators

Calculate real-time, accurate payment estimates to help close the deal in an instant. Boost transparency and credibility with a click of a button.

Program Snapshot

Quote program cost estimates and savings while on the phone with your leads. See program comparisons and choose the right fit for your clients with minimal effort.

List Management

Create filters for your database to segment contacts into manageable and relative lists to your workflow needs.


Grow Your Revenue


Shape’s powerful debt settlement CRM improves the efficiency of your front-end lead management and sales, back end servicing, negotiation and settlement management, as well as affiliate management.


Integrated Dialer

Push leads directly into your dialer and receive updates in the CRM when calls are dispositioned. Create your own custom call dispositions and rules around them.

Loan Processing

Shape gives you streamlined processing and submission to ensure your process is efficient every time.

Online Billing and Payments

Our powerful online payment processing lets you easily collect on your fees automatically. Gather billing info, schedule payments, and accept payments via credit card, ACH, or eCheck

Contact Log

View all call records, emails, SMS for each applicant in one place and never lose track of a response or outbound communication.

Robust Reporting

Generate custom reports from referral tracking to top lead sources and tons more. Invest in business decisions that can actually move the needle with the data you need.


Be More Organized


Being organized is sometimes easier said than done, but Shape can get you there by giving your team powerful tools to stay in sync, reduce admin time, and boost efficiency.


Income and Expense Reporting

Easily generate detailed income and expense reports on your prospects to see the affordability of your program(s).

Processing QA Checklist

Use our dedicated processing checklist with automated triggers to keep your process moving forward. Build in automated follow ups and get your essential docs and info back quickly and securely.

Email and Calendar Syncing

Keep your team up to speed and on the same page with email and calendar syncing through G Suite and Outlook. Schedule follow up appointments in a click and never miss a beat.  

Custom Fields

Design your CRM how you want it. Custom fields let you extend core contact fields into extensive applications.


Shape integrates with all the tools your team needs, like NMI, MailChimp, Twilio, G Suite, Stripe, BombBomb, Zapier, Webhooks, and tons more.


More Than Just Awesome Features


At Shape, we believe that great software is more than just the sum of its parts. To grow your business, you need a tool both you and your staff can rely on, and that starts with an intuitive interface, a solid backend, and best in class data security.


Intuitive UI

Our user interface is intuitive and easy to use. You and your staff won’t need to spend countless hours on webinars or poring over training materials to use Shape.


Advanced Security

Shape uses advanced security features and protocols to protect the sensitive data of you and your clients.


Powerful Backend

Shape supports over 15,000 users and counting! Our dedicated team of engineers is always improving our software so you can always depend on it.

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Shape CRM Pricing

We won’t force you into a long-term contract or impose an expensive mandatory setup fee. Try before you buy with our 14-day free trial.


Features Included in Shape:

  • Lead automation and online intake

  • Preloaded creditors

  • Settlement forecasting

  • Program snapshot

  • Flexible fee calculators

  • Debt Connect Reports

  • Credit report integrations

  • Backend processing

  • Secure online document storage

  • Team collaboration tools

  • eSignature solution

  • Integrated dialer

  • List management

  • Contact log

  • Dedicated sales and processing workflows

  • Income and expense reporting

  • Robust marketing automation (Email marketing, SMS, drip campaigns, more)

  • Customizable online documents, forms, contracts, invoices, and more

  • Calendar and email syncing (G Suite, Outlook, Mailchimp)

  • And more!


Highly Rated Amongst Customers

Shape Software has been the most valuable tool for our business in tracking prospects and customers, following up, communicating, and nurturing relationships after their project has been wrapped up. We’ve found that it was an easy to adopt and use because of the intuitive layout and workflows. Shape’s customer service and expertise in helping us get our custom software up and running really helped us to tailor the platform to our needs.
— Patricia D.
Shape Software is intuitive, organized, customizable, and great for any sized company. It’s been our most valuable tool in helping to streamline our processes. Your are able to test out all of the features of Shape for 14 days free with their trial to get a better feel for how it works. Shape is very reasonably priced and comes with all the CRM necessities to run most businesses.
— Jenna A.