Refund Policy

Updated April 29, 2022

Table of Contents

No Refunds

No refunds shall be given by Shape Software Inc. (“Shape”) for any software or services provided by Shape (“Services”) to Customers other than the amounts outlined in the Refundable Amounts section hereunder.

Fees paid to Shape including but not limited to User Licenses, Portal Users, Shape IQ, Data Center, Servers and any other monthly recurring software access shall be deemed earned, due, payable and non-refundable once paid to Shape. If Customer does not use such monthly Software Services, no refunds shall be given for non-use of the Software Services.

Quality of service, products, or uptime shall not impact this refund policy and all amounts paid to Shape shall be non-refundable except for Net Unused Usage Credits outlined in the “Refundable Amounts” section hereunder.

Definition of Services

The definition of services shall be any services, access, software, data, Platform(s), products, licenses, users or other similar item(s) provided by Shape as described in the Service Agreement, Terms of Service, an Order, or the “Billing & Transactions” section of the Account Settings page within the Customer’s Account, which can be found at (“Billing Page”) after Customer logs into their Shape account

Refundable Amounts

In order to use certain Services titled “Usage” in the Billing Page (“Usage Services”), you may be required to make pre-payments or meet certain payment minimums (collectively “Usage Credit”) as outlined on the Billing Page, prior to using Usage Services. Your Usage Credit is debited by the amount of Usage Service your Account uses, and the remaining amount is termed “Unused Usage Credits”.

Upon cancellation of your Account, and termination of your use of all Services, the Unused Usage Credits shall be applied toward any due amounts by you to Shape, including User Licenses, CRM User Licenses, Portal Users, Shape IQ, Statements of Work or any other fees due and the remaining amount shall be defined as the Net Unused Usage Credits.

Net Unused Usage Credits are the only amounts that are refundable to you from Shape, and shall only be refunded once you cancel your account and pay any fees due to Shape.