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6 Ways AI-powered Lead Scoring Improves Sales

AI-powered lead scoring can help improve lead conversions by using machine learning algorithms to analyze and prioritize leads based on their likelihood of converting into paying customers. Here are 6...

9 Ways to Improve Your Marketing

The optimal marketing content, templates, and cadence based on 10+ years of data & $10+ billion in closed deal volume.​

Best CRM with Client Portal Integrated

Save over 20 hours a month, and close deals 50% faster. Deliver positive experiences that keep customers coming back. How does Shape save organizations 20 hours a month and close...

The Best Lead Scoring Software to Increase Conversions

Whether you’re in real estate, legal, insurance, mortgage or any other number of industries battling for clients, you’ve probably reached the conclusion that competition online is tightening. Converting your prospects...

Enrollment Marketing: 8 Ideas to Increase Student Enrollment at Your College or Trade School

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