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This image showcases Shape Software's comprehensive suite of services, featuring Shape CRM + Lead Manager, Lead Engine, Customer Portal, and Mobile App, accessible across multiple devices.

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Marketing Suite

The best marketing suite in the industry to generate more leads, appointments, and closed deals.

Choose from over 1,000 pre-built, best-in-class templates for your email, text, and video marketing, or send direct mailer flyers to help generate more business today.

Sales Automation

Automate repetitive and simple tasks to build a more efficient and profitable business. Some of the benefits of using Shape for sales automation include:

Pipeline Management

Manage, track, and optimize all your sales opportunities throughout the different stages of your lead's journey to close more opportunities.

Get consistency and proper resource allocation to all your prospects to maximize profitability and efficiency within your business.

Task Management

Complete projects more efficiently and allow you and your team to visualize and collaborate to get more done, faster.

Prioritize and automate tasks in a single platform and utilize Shape’s automation to maximize your existing team’s output.

Call, Text, and MMS

Utilize our award-winning phone system to call and text your leads, all while powering your follow-up with Shape’s automation.

Explore hundreds of built-in features such as inbound call routing, local presence, and bulk texting to maximize your productivity with one of the most easy-to-use communications packages available.

Reporting & Analytics

See the most important stats for your business at a glance of your Shape dashboard or access over 50+ pre-built reports to visualize virtually every detail of your business.

Shape’s reporting suite also allows you to build custom reports so you can have the specific information you want, to make the right decisions for your business.

Save time & money with one complete solution

Sales CRM

Easily manage your sales pipeline and elevate your sales team with industry-leading sales tools purpose-built to increase sales. Use Shape IQ lead scoring to increase ROI.

Marketing Suite

Our complete marketing suite has you covered with the highest quality turnkey industry specific marketing templates, and drips campaigns proven to convert.

Built-in Call, Text, & Email

We offer the most complete fully integrated communications center on the market. No need for multiple systems anymore. Have everything in one system easy to use and manage.

Point of Sale

Stand out with your customers and use Shape's brandable customer portal to professionally gather information and documents from your customers in a secure user-friendly way.

Shape AI just made your work easier

Revolutionize your customer relationships with Shape's built-in artificial intelligence.

Use Shape on the go with our mobile app

Use Shape's mobile app to take your work on the go with you. Download the mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.

Award winning customer support team

We offer a complete client-focused experience. Ongoing training and onboarding webinars. Rich resource center and responsive support.

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Leave the heavy lifting to us! Become a Shape pro with our daily training webinars, and let our support team handle data import and system implementation for you.
3. Start Closing
Automate your sales and marketing. Deploy mortgage marketing materials that have been proven to convert, and harness the power of over 500 features to generate more leads and close more loans!

1. Sign Up

Click the "Get Started" button, pick your industry, and sign up. Your login credentials and full access to your Shape system will be unlocked immediately.

2. Seamless Onboarding

We do the heavy lifting! Our support team will set up a comprehensive webinar to fully train your team, import your data, and help configure your system.

3. Start Growing

Unlock the power Shape to automate your sales & marketing. Deploy hundreds of automated built in marketing materials and leverage 500+ powerful features to convert more deals today.

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