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Everything you will ever need in one easy to use software.


Core Features

  • Shape Software CRM

  • Lead & Account Management

  • Team Performance Analytics

  • Customized Industry Workflows

  • Contact Management

  • Duplicate Lead & Contact Management

  • Lead Distribution & Configurable Merge Tags

  • Email Integration for Outlook & Gmail

  • Task Scheduling, Automation & Activity Logs

  • Role Based Permissions

  • Customizations & API

  • Document Storage

  • Intra-Company Chat & Instant Messaging

  • IP Restrictions

  • Branch & Affiliate Management

  • Milestone & Action Management

  • Lead Scoring

Sales & Marketing Tools

  • Campaign and Sales Tracking

  • Integrated eSignature Solution

  • Custom Email Campaigns & Templates

  • Drip Campaign Automation

  • Referral Tracking

  • Cloud Phone System

  • Inbound & Outbound Calling

  • Progressive Dialer

  • Call Routing & IVR

  • Desktop Phone

  • Click-to-Call Dialing

  • Local Presence Caller ID

  • Call Scripts, Recording, & Monitoring

  • Voicemail

  • Text Messaging

  • Webhooks

  • Customer Portal

With Shape, you don't need to decide between different product offerings. All of our features are included in one system for an affordable month to month price. Some features may require additional usage fees, final price may vary. 14 Day Trial available for select industries ask your Shape Adviser for more information.

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Shape Software is highly rated by the leading software review sites

15,000 users can't be wrong.

Shape Software is highly rated by the leading software review sites

Shape Software features.


Drip Campaign Automation

Use Shape’s marketing automation to generate more leads and close more deals. Use drip campaigns to stay top-of-mind, keep in touch, and generate more engagement with prospects with text & email messages.

Text Messaging

97% of Americans text daily and text 5x more than they talk on the phone. By building texting into your onboarding or nurturing workflow with Shape, you can craft automated, tailored messaging to fit specific client needs. 

Call Recording & Monitoring + Scripting

Record inbound or outbound calls. Stay compliant with state laws using Shape’s advanced call recording options and intuitive scripting. Listen, barge in, or conference into calls to provide intelligent call coaching in real-time.


Local Caller ID

Increase your call pickup rates with consumers by having a local area code & number everywhere you call nationwide. Phone numbers are $1 per area code additional charges apply.

Lead Capture

Automatically capture leads, send follow ups, and manage client projects within one easy-to-use interface. Never lose track of important data or communications ever again!

Lead Distribution

Allocate the best leads to the appropriate person at the right time. Segment your entire database into highly targeted funnels using automated lead distribution rules.



Webhooks allow you to integrate with millions of third party APIs to send & collect important information in real-time.

Referral Tracking

Create forms for your partners that enable them to collect lead submissions, and then you can track their referrals through to the Shape Software CRM.

IP Restrictions

Prevent users from accessing your account from anywhere but your white-listed IP addresses.

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Shape implementation program.


We create a customized migration plan for you.

Let Shape Software set up your account for you. Our implementation program provides guidance, phone support, and training to help you get the most out of Shape Software CRM.

What is involved in the implementation program?

  • Data Migration

  • System Customizations

  • Lead Distribution Methodology

  • Lead Management Settings

  • Vendor Integration

  • Dialer Campaign Strategy

  • Administrator Training

  • Agent Training


Frequently asked questions.


Do you have plans to choose from?

No! With Shape, you don't need to decide between different product offerings. We believe that everyone should get the full featured, unlimited version of Shape to suit all of their business needs.

What features are included in the trial?

The 14-day evaluation trial includes all Shape features. When you're ready to activate your account, you'll have the option to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using all of the features you've come to know & love.

Do I need to pay for a year up front?

Nope! At Shape, we have no annual contracts and do not make you pay for the year up front. All of our features are included in one system for an affordable month to month price.


What payment types do you accept?

We accept any major credit card. For annual subscriptions with over 25 users we can also issue an invoice payable by bank transfer or check. Your account executive can arrange an invoice purchase.

What is a user, is there a minimum?

You can think of a user as any person who has access to use Shape software. You can have 1 to unlimited users, just be aware that the users you add to the CRM reflect in your total monthly subscription fees.

What browsers are supported?

Shape is a cloud-based software solution that requires internet connection. We recommend using the latest, stable versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Also Safari 10.1 and newer.


Do you offer white label solutions?

Yes! Want something custom? With Shape’s help, there’s no limit to how much you can scale your company’s growth and lead your business, affiliates, associates, and clients down a path to success.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We hope that won't be necessary, but you can cancel your subscription whenever you believe that Shape is no longer helping you with your business. You can cancel by contacting us, or in your software settings.

What if I have more questions?

We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have!

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