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Build your ideal customer profile

ShapeIQ automatically assigns a score that corresponds to your company’s ideal customer profile, allowing you to simply work the leads with the best likelihood of closing today. Shape provides industry-specific, automated lead grading and lead scoring software solution that provides a simple and powerful user experience.

Lead qualification simplified

Your company receives a large number of broad-spectrum leads, but you only have so many salespeople, so it’s critical that they maximize their time. Some leads are hot and only require a rep to seal the deal, while others are cold and never convert. ShapeIQ analyzes and back-tests over 700 data points, so your users don’t have to filter through leads with a fine-tooth comb. Shape’s intelligent algorithms remove the uncertainty from lead qualification, allowing your team to focus on selling more.

Target the best leads with AI intelligence

Artificial intelligence employs continuous machine learning and re-calibration based on conversion data particular to your business. AI will discover patterns based on your customers’ behavioral data and then forecast when a consumer will convert. See how ShapeIQ artificial intelligence can analyze your lead conversion history to help you target the best leads in the future.

Automated nurture

You can’t mill through hundreds of pages of customer behavior to find the right leads—but ShapeIQ can. Identify the leads least likely to commit and those who aren’t ready to close a deal. Continue to nurture them through automated drip campaigns while prioritizing other prospects.

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