Run Your Solar Company
in One Easy to Use Software


Streamline sales, lower operational costs, and make installation more efficient.


Easier, Better Sales Tools


Solar businesses need tools that simplify the sales process while maintaining an efficient workflow. Shape makes it easy to go from cold lead to installation to monitoring on one end-to-end platform.


Intake & Follow Up

Manage your entire intake process in one place! Automatically follow up with new leads, create custom triggers, and send online proposals that include Shape's built-in eSignature.

Marketing Automation

Whether you’re managing inbound or paid leads, Shape has tons of tools to help you close the deal. Build and send automated drip campaigns, newsletters, SMS, and tons more.

Lead Management

Don’t let an influx of new leads drag your team down. With lead assignments, shark tank, and other lead distribution tools, Shape’s automated tools keep your business moving forward.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule your site surveys or client meetings in just a click of a button. Never miss another important deadline again!


Streamline Your Process


Shape’s powerful solar CRM takes the guesswork out of managing your entire process. Build powerful workflows, keep tabs on construction, and do necessary project prep all in one place.


Google Maps Integration

View properties in real time with Shape’s Google Maps integration. Search for a location, zoom in, and see the roof from an aerial view to ensure optimal placement - all from the comfort of your office.

Site Surveys

Make sure every property has been properly inspected to prevent any pitfalls. Our responsive mobile application means even out in the field you’ll have client data and can report back to the system at any time.

Construction Tracking

Doing construction in-house? Track the progress of the job site from design to installation. Referring the project out? Track your referrals and commissions. Shape does it all!


Use Shape’s checklist feature to build to-do lists, from the sales process to PTO, to ensure streamlined compliance and a great client experience.


Stay In Sync


In addition to great sales and marketing tools, Shape comes packed with a true and easy to use CRM that makes organizing and managing your mortgage business easier than ever.


Email and Calendar Syncing

Keep your team up to speed and on the same page with email and calendar syncing through G Suite and Outlook. Schedule follow up appointments in a click and never miss a beat.  

Integrated Dialer

Shape’s best-in-class integrated VOIP dialer and sales scripting tools give your team everything communication tool it needs to get the job done.

Online Billing and Payments

Our powerful online payment processing lets you easily collect on your fees automatically. Gather billing info, schedule payments, and accept payments via credit card or ACH.


Shape integrates with all the tools your team needs, like Google Maps, Twilio, SignByX, Stripe, NMI,, SendGrid, MailGun, and more!


More Than Just Awesome Features


At Shape, we believe that great software is more than just the sum of its parts. To grow your business, you need a tool both you and your team can rely on, and that starts with an intuitive interface, a solid backend, and best in class data security.


Intuitive UI

Our user interface is intuitive and easy to use. You and your team won’t need to spend countless hours on webinars or poring over training materials to use Shape.


Advanced Security

Shape uses advanced security features and protocols to protect the sensitive data of you and your clients.


Powerful Backend

Shape supports over 15,000 users and counting! Our dedicated team of engineers is always improving our software so you can always depend on it.

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Shape Software Pricing

We won’t force you into a long-term contract or impose an expensive mandatory setup fee. Try before you buy with our 14-day free trial.


Features Included in Shape:

  • Lead automation and online intake

  • Lead management tools

  • Lead prioritization and shark tank

  • Proposal and monitoring integrations

  • Google Maps integration

  • Online proposals

  • Online billing and payment processing

  • Construction tracking

  • Site surveys

  • Integrated dialer and call scripting

  • Robust marketing automation (Email marketing, SMS, drip campaigns, more)

  • Customizable online documents, forms, contracts, invoices, and more

  • Calendar and email syncing (G Suite, Outlook, Mailchimp)

  • And more!


Highly Rated Amongst Customers

Shape Software has been the most valuable tool for our business in tracking prospects and customers, following up, communicating, and nurturing relationships after their project has been wrapped up. We’ve found that it was an easy to adopt and use because of the intuitive layout and workflows. Shape’s customer service and expertise in helping us get our custom software up and running really helped us to tailor the platform to our needs.
— Patricia D.
Shape Software is intuitive, organized, customizable, and great for any sized company. It’s been our most valuable tool in helping to streamline our processes. Your are able to test out all of the features of Shape for 14 days free with their trial to get a better feel for how it works. Shape is very reasonably priced and comes with all the CRM necessities to run most businesses.
— Jenna A.