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Marketing Suite

Shape simplifies customer engagement by automating personalized emails and texts triggered by specific events, actions, or status updates. This empowers you to focus on closing deals without the worry of follow-ups or missed opportunities.

Effortlessly send bulk, manual, or automated insurance marketing messages, giving you a significant boost to your sales efforts.

Webphone & Dialer

Shape's built-in phone system simplifies your calling process with advanced features for making and receiving calls, dropping voicemails, and triggering automatic emails and texts. Start dialing with a single click, and our prioritized views ensure you engage with the most promising insurance prospects first.

Plus, utilize local presence calling to boost conversions by over 32%, reaching more people in less time and improving your chances of connection.

Insurance Client Portal

Shape's Insurance Client Portal automates current policy gathering, documents, and client follow-up, freeing up your time to focus on acquiring new clients. Spend less time on tedious tasks like collecting client information and more time growing your business. With the Portal's automated follow-up and renewals functionality, you can increase renewals and future client retention.

Lead Management

Contacting leads within the first minute boosts contact rates by 391%. Leverage instant distribution, de-duplication, and automated sales and marketing follow-ups to engage every lead instantly, enhancing your conversion rates.

With over 70% of your leads still in the early sales stages, Shape can help nurture them until they're ready to close. Shift your focus to deals that are ready to get started, and let automation handle the rest.

Mobile App

Access all your essential CRM tools right from the convenience of your phone, so progress doesn’t stop just because you’re not by a computer.

With Shape's iPhone or Android app, you can remotely manage your insurance leads and upcoming policy renewals. Take notes, make calls, send texts and emails, and more—all from the convenience of your smartphone.

A.I. Lead Scoring

Leverage Shape's AI Lead Scoring, which evaluates 700+ data points to prioritize insurance leads with the highest likelihood of converting into closed deals. Concentrate on high-value leads, ending the need for aimless dialing through disorganized lists.

Uuse Shape's CRO-optimized landing pages for follow-up automation, converting leads into scheduled calls to fast-track their path to the right policy.

Integrated cloud-based calling, texting, & email.

  • Complete Phone System

    Integrated dialer, phone numbers, local presence, IVR, voice mail, call monitoring, quick fire connect, call scripts, call recording, and much more

  • Text, GIFs, and MMS

    Complete texting platform to message and market your customers. Use our proven pre-built text marketing campaigns to convert more loans

  • Email Sending Servers

    Leverage Shape's email servers to track click-through, open, and bounce rates, ensuring effective monitoring of your mortgage email drip campaigns. Keep client conversations organized with our integrated email inbox

Industry leading insurance marketing suite

Shape AI just made your work easier

Revolutionize your customer relationships with Shape's built-in artificial intelligence.

Shape IQ lead-scoring with AI is the future

We use powerful AI servers to score your leads by your ideal customer profile. Leverage AI to bring the best sales opportunities to your team.


Lead Score


Conversion Rate

Use Shape on the go with our mobile app

Use Shape's mobile app to take your work on the go with you. Download the mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.

Convert 60% more with Lead Engine

Allow the Shape team to create your landing pages, saving you from the complex process of selecting the right tools and sparing you months of design work that may ultimately fall short when integrating with your tech stack. Our range of customizable template options ensures we have your needs covered.

Customize your user experience through inbound call routes, seamless appointment booking, and interactive lead funnels for lead qualification. Enjoy the freedom to choose your preferred service methods, guaranteeing personalized experiences and optimal results for you and your customers.​

Streamline your scheduling process with integrated calendar automation. Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth emails when trying to find the perfect time to connect. Experience the convenience of efficient scheduling and unlock more high-value meetings.​

Lead funnels revolutionize lead qualification with interactive, quiz-style forms that effortlessly captivate prospects and encourage meaningful connections. Engineered using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) principles, these forms consistently deliver 3x more qualified leads compared to conventional contact forms.​

Integrate with thousands of your favorite apps

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2. Seamless Onboarding

We do the heavy lifting! Our support team will set up a comprehensive webinar to fully train your team, import your data, and help configure your system.

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Unlock the power Shape to automate your sales & marketing. Deploy hundreds of automated built in marketing materials and leverage 500+ powerful features to convert more deals today.

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