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Mortgage POS for Referral Partners & Associates

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  • February 8, 2022
  • 3 min read
  • How does the Shape Mortgage POS Portal Interact with Referral Partners?

    Use the mortgage POS to invite referral partners and buying and selling agents to see people they’ve referred, add notes, view the progress, generate pre-approval letters, and more.

    Note: On the “Lead Details” tab within the CRM, connect referral partners via the “Referral Partner” field. Type in first name, last name, or email address to connect a corresponding referral partner. Press the “search” icon to look through the available partners you have in your system. Select the partner and it will automatically save.

    The referral partner will automatically receive an invite when they are linked to a record in the Lead Details tab.

    If they have already registered, they can simply click “Login”

    The “My Referrals” dropdown will list all companies that have have references to their account. Once they click a company, it will only show the borrowers in that company.

    “All Records” will show all the records they have been connected to.

    Going to the “Portal” tab within the record, scrolling down to the bottom of the Needs List Documents, checking the box that says “Allow referral partner to generate pre-approval letter” and then send out your document Needs List. By doing this it allows the Referral Partner to generate and send out the Pre-Approval letter through the Partner Portal.

    Next, choose which users will have a portal subscription that will be able to send invitations, review and approve/decline documents, see answers to custom questions, check off milestones, and more. Once you’ve enabled your users with portal access, the portal toggle should appear green.

    After enabling portal users, you should be able to open a contact in your system and see a new “Portal” tab, which supports  

    *Please note that the users with portal access are billed a monthly license fee for portal subscriptions.

    Note: You can also put a cap on the Loan Amount that can be set in the Pre-Approval letter by the Partner by adding this amount to the “Loan Amount” field in the Lead Details tab under “Opportunity Details.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Partners have a place to input notes in their partner portal but these do not link to their record or the client record in Shape.

    Yes! The trigger in question is called “Portal Partner Invite” and can be deleted if you do not want these to go out automatically.

    Yes! The referral partners are notified through drip campaigns that are available as soon as you boot up Shape!

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