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Marketing Sources & Lead Provider Posting Instructions for Shape Software

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  • February 8, 2022
  • 6 min read
  • What is a Marketing Source in Shape?

    Marketing Sources in Shape are utilized by your lead providers to post lead data automatically into Shape! The marketing sources settings page allows you to add and edit your lead sources in the system to discover which sources are the most successful. This settings page can be as simple as changing the names of the “Source” dropdown for manual entry, or can be a very powerful tool to import leads directly into your system as leads inquire.

    Once on the Marketing Sources Settings Page, you can add, edit, and Lead Sources. You can also view your posting URLs to share with your lead providers.

    Marketing Sources:

    The icons on the list page are to edit and delete marketing sources. There is also a “Copy” the source ID to clipboard. This may be useful in some of our integrations. You can also use the left hand check boxes to bulk delete sources.

    Click the “Add Folder” button in the top right of the table to create different folders if you would like to break your sources into categories.

    To add a new marketing source, click on the orange “Add Source” button in the top right corner of the screen.

    Custom API Integrations

    Need a specific integration? Let us know what you would like to integrate Shape with. We will be requesting API docs as well as your expectations for the integration. After reviewing the docs alongside the expectations, we will follow up and let you know the details on what we will be able to accomplish based on what is available within the API documentation and discuss any possible changes or restrictions. We will also provide an estimated timeline for completion. Please note that Zapier Webhooks are available without the need for a dedicated API integration.

    Configuring a New Marketing Source

    The Channel Type, Lead Source, and Campaign Name fields are the only required fields. The “Campaign Name” is the information that shows in the “Source” dropdown within the record’s profile information. Press “Save and Continue” to save the new source. If you do not want or need to set up any post URL integrations, then you do not need to go on to the next steps.

    The campaign status must be set to ON in order to utilize this Source in Shape and leaving the status as OFF will not allow you to assign this source to any records.

    If you do not have a form builder on your website and need a form on your website to post directly into your system, you can use our form builder. Add form fields by clicking “Add Form Fields” which then updates your HTML code to embed on your website in real time!

    You may need to use CSS styling to change the design of the form once on the website.

    Generic Posting URL Instructions for Shape Software

    If you have a current form builder plugin in your website that supports Post URL or have a lead provider that can send records to a post URL destination, use the bottom section of the marketing source add/edit page.


    The posting URL is the destination that the marketing source should send to. This posting URL is unique to each and every marketing source on each system. This posting URL is what tells the system which source the record came from and where to send the information.


    When sending data points, make sure that the sending field name matches the Shape field name exactly. Please keep in mind that Shape field names are case and space sensitive, a mis-matched field name will result in missing data points. If you need to send all of the field names to a lead provider to map, simply export as a PDF or CSV file using the “Export” button dropdown.

    Create a new source if one does not exist or edit or open an existing one. A unique posting URL is created for each source within your system. Please note that each campaign has a unique posting URL, the same posting URL should not be used for different lead providers. These are instructions for submitting records into Shape Software using the default integration.

    Shape’s posting URLs have a consistent format. There are two parts of the URL that vary:{CRM.ID}/{Source.ID}

    • CRM ID — The 4 character flow ID that uniquely identifies your system.
    • Source ID — The 24 character source ID generated by Shape that identifies the source of the lead.

    Shape Software supports POST URL in FORM or JSON format. If you are sending JSON data, please be sure to send over your JSON data with a certain request header: Content-Type: application/json.

    Shape only supports receiving leads using a POST request method, we do not support GET.

    Each system contains a unique set of acceptable fields. View and/or export these fields via the “Marketing Sources” settings page. Although the individual posting URL is unique to each source, the field mappings will be the same for every source.


    The supported fields table lists each field supported by Shape. Each field has an associated type, which is used to help make sense out of the data you provide. If a field is provided with a value that cannot be interpreted as the expected type, no error will be given. Nevertheless, your leads have the best chance of making it through the system when the data provided in each field is comprehensible to Shape.


    When a lead is submitted, Shape provides real-time feedback in the HTTP response body. This feedback identifies which one of three possible outcomes occurred. The outcome is derived from a series of actions and rule evaluations that take place while the lead is processed through the system.

    The possible outcomes are:

    • Success
    • Failure
    • Error

    Any failure or error can be reported to Please be sure to include the full HTTP request information (POST, URL, and parameters being sent).

    The CRM and Source IDs are very important to ensure the lead goes into the correct system and is attributed to the correct source. The sample URL above will not work because it contains placeholders for CRM ID and source ID.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is most commonly due to the lead provider using the incorrect field mappings to post into Shape. When this occurs, the data from the incorrect field names will post into the Notes sidebar.

    Any failure or error can be reported to Please be sure to include the full HTTP request information (POST, URL, and parameters being sent).

    The post URL method is used to post new records into Shape. However this method cannot be used to update records after they have been posted into Shape. This must be done by utilizing our open API.

    Absolutely! Please reach out to with the full details of your lead provider and please include a representative from your lead provider in the email as well so our support staff can coordinate with them directly on your behalf!

    Make sure you communicate your API desires with your account representative or to We will ask what you would like the API to do. If you do know what you want, we will also have to review the API Documentation that we will need you to get from the other service you’d like to integrate with. After understanding what is permitted via the API docs, then we discuss solutions and timelines.

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