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Manage Role Permissions with Shape Software

Shape Software
  • February 8, 2022
  • 2 min read
  • What are Role Permissions?

    Shape comes out of the box set up for best practices in your industry but because not every company operates the same way, Shape gives you the ability to customize what each user role has access to manage in the system. Define what admins, managers and basic users are able to access and do on your system.

    Navigate to Settings in the top navigation bar and you will find Role Permissions under “Users and Permissions.”

    Role Permissions:

    Choose what admins, managers and basic users are able to access and do on your system by using the check boxes. A checked box means that that user role has access to that particular area of the system or settings page.

    When you are happy with the changes, make sure you press “Submit” to apply the changes to your system.

    Note: Admin roles will have access to all permissions and pages available on the Role Permissions Settings page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No! The permissions given on this settings page will apply to all users in the role that you adjust. So if there are 10 “Managers”, then any adjustments you make to the Manager Role will apply to all.

    This page is specific to restricting settings pages and permission and record visibility has it’s own settings page called Record

    Visibility by Role:

    Currently users in your system cannot be restricted from editing their user profile as it contains their login information and contact information.

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