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Call Monitoring - Heads Up Display

Call Monitoring in Shape

Call monitoring is the process of listening in on employee calls for the purpose of improving communication and customer service. It’s most commonly used in customer support settings to help decrease overall agent training time and deliver a high-quality, consistent support experience. Learn how to enable and use Shape’s call monitoring heads up display features.

How to Enable Call Monitoring


Go to Settings > Billing and Transactions​

Navigate to the Billing & Transactions settings page via Settings > Billing & Transactions:

Scroll to the “Limits & Add-on Features” section where you’ll find the “Call Monitoring” option.

Call monitoring adds an additional leg to the current call and is billed an additional $0.03/minute of connected call time when using call monitoring.


Adjust which roles are able to monitor calls​

Next, navigate to the Role Permissions settings page via Settings > Role Permissions:

Here you can set what roles are able to monitor live calls between users, managers, directors, and admins. The default selection is allowing admins to monitor live calls.


Launch call monitoring from directly within the dialer slideout

Click the “Monitor” button at the top of the dialer slideout to launch the call monitoring heads up display. This popup will display your users that are on live calls at the top of the list. Users that are able to be monitored, but not on active calls, will show as greyed out on the display.


Adjust which users are available to be monitored​

Next, navigate to Settings > Manage Users:

Here you can pick which users are available to be monitored via the call monitoring heads up display. Users that have the call monitoring toggled OFF will not be available to have their calls monitored. For example, if the CEO would not like to be monitored by users with permissions to monitor, like a manager, you can leave the CEO’s call monitoring toggle OFF in Call Monitoring.

Frequently asked questions

Call recordings can be played back from the Call Logs Report as well as from within a record under the Contact Log tab.

This is due to the call monitoring being turned off for the specific user that made the call you are attempting to play back.

Yes! There is a checkmark at the top of the Phone Settings page titled “Record all calls automatically?”.

Simply make sure this option is turned ON.

The Call Monitoring functionality is exclusively accessible through the Call HUD (heads-up display). Depending on your department view, you may find the Monitoring tab within a record. This workflow tab meticulously tracks the various status milestones of a record, offering a comprehensive overview of its progress throughout its lifecycle.

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