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Manage Triggers with Shape Software

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  • February 8, 2022
  • 8 min read
  • What are Automated Actions (Triggers)?

    Triggers are a way to automate aspects of your system from productivity tools within your CRM (note popups, calendar popups, record conversions, etc) to communication tools such as an email or text message being sent to your customers. It is recommended to set up communications that require follow up over longer periods to be set up in drip campaigns.

    Get Organized with Folders

    In the top navigation, navigate to the settings icon. On the settings pages left-hand sidebar, click “Automated Actions (Triggers).” There, you should see your list of triggers in the system. These represent folders of triggers, which helps with organization and turning on triggers in bulk.

    Automated Actions (Triggers): https://secure.setshape.com/triggers

    At the top of the page, you can create a new Automated Action. You will also see the folders below that contain multiple automated actions.

    Opening up a trigger from the main list view will show you all of the triggers within that folder. If the status is “OFF” then these triggers are inactive and no triggers that you define here will take place. Turning this to “ON” will activate the triggers.

    On the righthand side, you will find the “…” dropdown to delete trigger folders from your system or edit their name. It is important to note that when the folder is deleted, the triggers within them will also be deleted.

    Understanding Triggers

    Triggers in Shape can be boiled down to an IF THEN statement. For example, IF an application has been sent to the customer, THEN Shape will change the status to “Application Sent.”

    Detailing Action Trigger and Automation Details

    The “Action Trigger” and “Automation Details” are dynamic lists that allow you to select which Trigger (IF) and Action (THEN) you would like to perform after selecting the type of automation you want to perform.

    Action Options

    You can also set triggers up to perform an action BEFORE a Calendar Event occurs, or before a Date within your system. You will select “Calendar Event” or “Date” as the Trigger Type.

    Automation Options

    The action type is the action that will occur once the trigger type is initiated (THEN). The Action Type list items are all the items that you can perform with a trigger.

    The processing priority is only necessary if you need a series of triggers to happen off of the same event. The processing priority will determine what order those automations execute. The default is 10.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please reach out to support@setshape.com with all of the details so we can look into this for you!

    Include important details such as the name of the trigger, example record, and what your goals were for the trigger and we will be happy to get you the details you need!

    Yes! You will find these under the Marketing: Holidays and Marketing: Birthdays Automation folders.


    When turned ON, these will go out to your entire database outside of those that have opted out of communications. 

    This level of filtering is more appropriate for drip campaigns whereas triggers are meant to apply across your entire database.

    Yes! This is done by creating a webhook in Settings>Manage Webhooks, then, create a trigger for what you want to happen in order to send that contact out of Shape.


    Most commonly, it is done based on status, so when the status reaches X, then webhook that contact out of Shape.

    Yes you can! Create the notification you want to receive in Settings>Email/Text Templates. Then create a trigger that says IF the status reaches X, then send an email/text text. The last step is to choose your new template and save the trigger!

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