Manage Users with Shape Software

Manage Users

How to mange your users. A user is a person that you invite to use your software system. The number of active users on your system will determine your Shape Software system’s monthly payment.

How to Manage your Users. In the top navigation, navigate to your settings pages. On the settings pages left-hand sidebar, click “Manage Users.” Here, you to add, delete, and manage users and choose their roles. Within each user permission, customization's to be made to shape your business the way you want it to be on the "Role Permissions" settings page. Users have limited access to the critical parts to thrive in accomplishing his or her employee functions, but will not have access to managerial reports, billing, and most settings pages. Managers will have some higher permissions such as having access to performance analytics, but will not have complete access to the software. Admin roles are able to access virtually all aspects of the system including user reports, billing information, and the ability to change software settings.

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