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Distribution Rules in Shape Software

What are Distribution Rules in Shape Software?

When a record enters the system either via an automated marketing source, an API integration, or (if your rule defines it, an import), distribution rules can be used to assign the record to the appropriate user at the right time. Distribution rules are optional. If you’d prefer for records to enter the system unassigned to then be manually assigned or for your users to claim leads via the Unassigned Record Pool, then you will not want to have distribution rules defined in your system.

Start Slowly. Once you have developed a plan for implementing distribution rules and caps based on your business practices, start by implementing only one or specific caps and filters to your rule. Monitor the results and verify that what you and your users are experiencing are what you expect. If you want to make changes, make them only one at a time. If you change too many things at the same time and something goes wrong, it’s difficult to narrow down what caused it.

Creating Distribution Rules in Your System

To manage your distribution rules, click on the “Settings” option in the gradient navigation bar and find “Distribution Rules” on the left hand sidebar under “Custom Configuration”.

Distribution Rules: https://secure.setshape.com/distribution

Title the distribution rule something recognizable if you have multiple rules.

If the rule status is “OFF” this will not be a live distribution rule. If it is “ON” then this will be an active distribution rule. If multiple rules apply to an incoming record at the same time due to overlapping rules, the first rule that the record applies to will complete the distribution.

The “Distribution Recipients” is who the records that go through this distribution rule will be assigned to. You can choose between assigning it to all active users, a specific user, a team, or a department.  

Imports do not automatically apply to drip campaigns and triggers. It is recommended to set up a distribution rule to assign imported files to your users, change the status to the desired status to initiate the drip campaign or trigger, and select the “Yes” option to apply rule to imports.

Adding Distribution Caps

Distribution caps allow administrators to set distribution caps on users within the rule and can be set as an overall cap for all recipients on the rule or custom based on the on the individual recipient users.

Setting Up Hours of Distribution

Further Customizing with Filters

Adding Re-Distribution Rules

Methods of Distribution: Push VS QuickFire Connect

In Shape, there are 2 ways to distribute records: Push, or QuickFire Connect. “Pull” or “Cherry-Picking” method can be done without a distribution rule and instructing your users to use the “Record Pool” to claim unassigned records. The Push method will auto-assign round robin to the distribution recipients. The QuickFire Connect method will notify the recipients defined in the QuickFire rule via a phone notification. This can either be a first come, first serve method (aka the first user to accept the phone notification and call the record) will automatically get assigned the record or a round robin method. This will round robin for 10 seconds to the recipients defined in the QuickFire Connect Rule for 10 seconds each until the notification is accepted.

The Push Method

The QuickFire Connect Method

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Just set a filter in your rule to include the specific source that you want distributed differently than your other sources.

If you need to add or adjust your record types, you do have to request the change from Shape. After discovery of the changes and functionality you want and need, Shape will provide you with a statement of work (SOW) for the time and will give you an estimated turnaround time. Turnaround times depend on the level of complexity of the tab customizations as well as Shape’s current workload.

The States that you are licensed for in your user profile can affect distribution rules if “Follow User Profile State Eligibility” is checked in your distribution rule. If checked, you will only receive leads from the States that you are licensed for.

The dropdowns off of the record types can be created and customized in your settings pages under “Prioritization Rules.” Prioritization rules allow you to organize your lists by status and other filters. See more explanations below:

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