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Velocify vs. Shape


Lead Management + Dialer + Texts

Every successful team should have phone/dialer, texting, and lead management capabilities and pricing shown here is for systems with lead management, texting, and dialer functionality active. Pricing is per user per month.


With Velocify there is an additional $66/mo./user fee for their Dialer (Dial-IQ) and $22/mo./user fee for SMS/texting, in addition to their base Lead Manager Product, which starts at $94/mo./user, for an all-in cost of $182/userA per month.


Shape’s all-in-one pricing includes texting and dialer functionality.






CRM functionality is important for marketing automation, and maximizing conversions and sales


Velocify is not a CRM however Encompass CRM can be purchased from Ellie Mae affiliated companies at a monthly minimum cost of $560/month for 7 seats (users) and $88/additional user. The price per user quoted in the above matrix is based off 10 Encompass CRM users.


Enterprise level CRM functionality included with every Shape system.


$80+ additional


$0 additional

Month to Month Contracts

Upgrade to the all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software that will help you scale your company.


Velocify does not have month to month contracts and requires annual contracts.


Shape has month to month contracts to suit your business’ needs



Ability to Reduce Users Each Month

Flexibility to reduce users is a competitive advantage that provides solvency and flexibility to your team when it’s most needed. The ability to reduce users


Any users added must be paid for until the remainder of your annual contract and cannot be reduced until then.


Users can be added or reduced as needed each month.



Setup or Implementation Fee


Velocify charges $3,500 as their “Quick Start SOW” which is the setup fee required.


Shape has setup fees as low as $500 and even lower in cases where no onboarding is needed.





Dialer Setup Fee

Dialer Setup Fee is a fee charged to turn on phone/dialer functionality.


Velocify charges a “Dial-IQ Setup” fee of over $1,000 to turn on dialer functionality.


There is no additional charge with Shape to turn on dialer functionality.




$0 additional

CRM Setup Fee

Velocify is not a CRM and for more marketing related CRM features, Velocify’s parent company sells “Encompass CRM”, which can be added to Velocify products for additional features.


Velocify charges a minimum $1,000 fee to connect and setup with “Encompass CRM”.


Shape has over 500 CRM features pre-built for no additional cost.




$0 additional

Encompass LOS Integration Fee

To integrate and configure Encompass as an LOS with either Shape or Velocify, this is the fee to properly setup and integrate Encompass.


Velocify charges $2,500 to create a led in Velocify and export it to Encompass. Velocify charges an additional $1,500 for a contact, lead, or online app to be created in Encompass and be posted to Velocify to create a lead.


Shape charges a single fee of $2,500 to integrate with Encompass.





Customizations/Additional Work

Customizations, additional fields, one-off integrations and other configuration of your software may be done for an additional fee.





Dialer Usage

This is the cost per minute to use the dialer with each system.






Per text costs shown are based off of a projected 10,000 texts per user per month.


Velocify includes 5,000 texts per month for the $22/user/mo SMS fee and then you are charged $.10 per text thereafter. For 10,000 texts with Velocify, 5,000 texts for $22 plus 5,000 texts at $.10 per text equals ~$522 for 10,000 texts or 5.2 cents per text.


Per text costs shown are based off of a projected 10,000 texts per user per month.





Call Recording

Call recording is important so that you can track and evaluate communications.





Native Client Portal

A native client portal or POS, is one that does not have to be integrated or setup with a third party or additional software. A native POS provides your client’s a way to securely apply and submit personal information (financials, social security etc.) along with closing documents (drivers license, bank statements, etc.).


Velocify does not have its own client portal or POS and this must be purchased from a separate company.


Shape’s client portal (POS) allows you to customize your needs list with information and documentation you require to close a deal and also remarket any uncompleted applications.



Multi-object Database

A multi-object database allows different job functions and departments to access a lead or record at anytime. Multiple users and/or departments within an organization like an assistant, project manager, billing or accounts receivable, customer support, account managers, sales etc. can access a record (lead, account, etc.) at anytime if their permissions are set accordingly.


Only one user at a time can “work” a lead with Velocify which means different job functions and departments cannot generally access a lead or record until it’s assigned to them or it moves through the workflow.


If permissions are given, any user from any department can access and work on a record as needed.



Mobile App

Companies get an extra 240 hours of work yearly from team members using mobile devices for work.


Velocify does not have a mobile app.


Mobile app available on iPhone and Android.



Online Target Advertising

Online targeted advertising allows you to show ads specifically to records in your system or based on certain traits. Click through rates for these ads can be 10x higher than normal display ads, and pairing retargeting ads with e-mail campaigns can boost chances for a sale by over 50%.


Velocify does not have this feature.


Shape allows you to show ads directly to people (leads, accounts, records, etc.) in your Shape account.



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Everything your mortgage company needs

Marketing Suite

Maximize your mortgage marketing efforts with our purpose-built suite. Generate more leads, close more loans and enhance customer engagement from application to post-close.

Leverage our pre-built email, text, video and campaign templates, co-brand with realtors and referral partners and send newsletters at ease.

Borrower Portal

Use Shape's brandable borrower portal to provide a professional customer experience. Get more applications, provide a secure platform for customers to gather information, upload sensitive documents, and close more loans.

Deploy Shape’s email and text automation to send reminders to your borrowers to complete their application and let the software do the tedious follow-up required to optimize your pipeline.

LOS Integrations

Seamlessly sync and share data between your Loan Origination System (LOS) and Shape. Reduce manual data entry and mitigate the common struggles of loan officers including duplicates, missing requirements, or errors in data.

We API with your LOS to dynamically update contact information, loan applications, loan statuses, documents, and any other relevant information.

Realtor & Partner Referrals

Send beautiful co-branded emails, flyers, and landing pages with your realtors and partners. Create transparency for your partners through pipeline views, automated notifications, and increase opportunities through engagement and collaboration.

Provide a professional co-branded borrower portal and leverage Shape's many partner and referral management features to maximize the ROI of your closed loans.

Tasks & Calendar

Shape's task management kanban or list view makes it easy to work through your task list. Turbocharge your efficiency and collaborate with team members to make working your daily tasks a breeze.

Seamlessly sync your Google and Outlook calendars to Shape to make managing your events even easier. Manage your team on one shared calendar and automate scheduling.

Prioritized Views

Simplify your loan officers' days by taking the guesswork out of what the best sales opportunities are to contact. Work smarter by automating your sales pipeline and creating the best closing opportunities among your leads.

Set your team up for success with Shape's ready-made views, or create your own customized views. Stop using dated workflows and get automated.

Integrated cloud-based calling, texting, & email.

  • Complete Phone System

    Integrated dialer, phone numbers, local presence, IVR, voice mail, call monitoring, quick fire connect, call scripts, call recording, and much more

  • Text, GIFs, and MMS

    Complete texting platform to message and market your customers. Use our proven pre-built text marketing campaigns to convert more loans

  • Email Sending Servers

    Leverage Shape's email servers to track click-through, open, and bounce rates, ensuring effective monitoring of your mortgage email drip campaigns. Keep client conversations organized with our integrated email inbox

Industry leading mortgage marketing suite

Convert 60% more with Lead Engine

Allow the Shape team to create your landing pages, saving you from the complex process of selecting the right tools and sparing you months of design work that may ultimately fall short when integrating with your tech stack. Our range of customizable template options ensures we have your needs covered.

Customize your user experience through inbound call routes, seamless appointment booking, and interactive lead funnels for lead qualification. Enjoy the freedom to choose your preferred service methods, guaranteeing personalized experiences and optimal results for you and your customers.​

Streamline your scheduling process with integrated calendar automation. Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth emails when trying to find the perfect time to connect. Experience the convenience of efficient scheduling and unlock more high-value meetings.​

Lead funnels revolutionize lead qualification with interactive, quiz-style forms that effortlessly captivate prospects and encourage meaningful connections. Engineered using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) principles, these forms consistently deliver 3x more qualified leads compared to conventional contact forms.​

Use Shape on the go with our mobile app

Use Shape's mobile app to take your work on the go with you. Download the mobile app in the App Store or Google Play.

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