What is a SMART Business?

Consider, if you will, the staggering fact from a Nucleus Research study that over 91% of businesses with more than 11 employees use a CRM (2). Now, compare that statistic with this one: just 50% of companies with 10 employees or less use a CRM. Even worse? Only 18% of first-year businesses adopt a CRM.

How can you expect to grow if you cannot effectively and efficiently service your leads and clients? Instead of consistently putting in extra hours, hiring more staff, or repeating the same work over and over again, it’s time to become a SMART business that runs on a CRM.


Hoping your sales team follows up with a prospect before your competition snags them, or doing manual data entry on every incoming new prospect? Use a CRM.

Benefits of a Streamlined Business


Tired of pouring money into ineffective lead channels online, not knowing what kind of client prospects convert the best, or how efficient every member of your team is? Use a CRM.

Benefits of Measuring Your Metrics


Still manually following up with every prospect, waiting on an engagement letter, proposal, or a contract to get signed? Tirelessly sending email after email asking for your clients to pay you? Use a CRM.

Benefits of Automating Your Business


Your current CRM is missing the key features and integrations you know you need to succeed? Don’t want to be on the wrong side of the 50% of your competitors who are using CRMs to power their success? Use a CRM.

Benefits of Reimagining Your Business With a CRM


Tired of investing money into ad spend on channels that don’t convert? Wish you could send better, more targeted email marketing to prospects and clients to nurture relationships that generate more profit? Use a CRM.

Benefits of Running a Targeted Business

Some other stats from the Nucleus Study you should consider:

Looking to make sense of all this data and what it means for your business to run on a CR

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