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Compliance never sleeps, so neither does your business. But thanks to Shape’s built-in regulations, at least you can rest. Whatever your industry, the executives of Shape take a proactive approach to legal initiatives that affect your business, not a reactive one. You shouldn’t have to alert your tech company of impending consequences. We are your partner in compliance.

Because Compliance is Not a Game

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Per their government website, the Federal Communications Commission regulates communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all territories. An independent U.S. government agency overseen by Congress, the Commission is the federal agency responsible for implementing and enforcing America’s communications law and regulations. They monitor and regulate protections for consumers including TCPA, 10 DLC, DNC Registry, and email marketing.

How does this effect your business? The FCC is open to consumers for addressing issues by filing a complaint, posting a public comment, and reporting safety concerns.


Company audits often include thorough reviews of account activity and history to ensure compliance with financial regulations and to maintain accuracy in financial reporting. This involves analyzing transactions, changes in account statuses, and historical financial data to detect inconsistencies, fraudulent activities, or areas needing improvement in business operations.

Shape software offers a robust solution for retaining this vital information indefinitely. With Shape's advanced data management system, all account activities and historical data are securely archived within the platform. This allows companies to access and review detailed records at any point, facilitating a seamless audit process. Shape ensures that data integrity is maintained, providing a reliable and comprehensive audit trail that companies can depend on for accurate and timely assessments. This indefinite retention of information not only aids in regulatory compliance but also enhances decision-making by providing a long-term view of financial and operational health.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-generated responses and AI voicemail drops currently face compliance challenges under FCC guidelines, which are designed to protect consumers from unsolicited and potentially invasive communications practices. The FCC enforces strict rules about how and when these technologies can be used, particularly emphasizing the need for prior consent and transparency in communications initiated by artificial intelligence. Businesses using these technologies without adherence to such regulations risk significant penalties and damage to their reputation.

Shape provides an essential solution for companies seeking to integrate AI in their communication strategies while remaining compliant with FCC regulations. Shape’s CRM platform includes features that ensure all AI-generated communications are pre-approved for compliance before deployment. The software supports businesses in managing consent effectively, documenting when and how consent was obtained, and ensuring that AI interactions are conducted within the legal framework established by the FCC. By leveraging Shape, companies can harness the power of AI to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency without compromising on compliance and consumer protection.

Did You Know?

Is Shape TCPA Compliant?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was revised in 2012 to require written consent from a consumer before placing phone calls and to provide an opt-out mechanism.

Shape software is compliant with this mandate in several ways:

  1. Any designed path for a consumer to request information from your business, for instance your website or from a lead aggregator, can be tracked at the account level.
  2. Shape easily integrates with DNC list vendors and disables the ability to connect a call to clients on that list.
  3. Any caller making telemarketing calls or using an auto-dialer or an artificial or prerecorded voice must comply with FCC rules. The Commission revised them to require callers to obtain prior express written consent from consumers. This consent is tracked in Shape in the Account Audit trail.
  4. Email opt-in allows you to send emails, including automated emails, from Shape. Each email includes an opt-out option that allows clients to be easily removed from communications and then restricts that account without the need for any manual settings from your team, making Shape CAN SPAM compliant.
New Law for Opt-In Communication

Effective January 27, 2025, the FCC’s new regulation, known as the 1:1 consent rule for calling and texting consumers, mandates explicit prior consent from consumers before businesses can engage with them via calls or texts. This measure aims to protect consumer privacy and reduce unwanted communications, demanding a clear affirmative agreement from each consumer before any outreach.

Shape Software is fully compliant with this new FCC regulation, ensuring that businesses using its CRM platform adhere strictly to the 1:1 consent requirements. Through Shape’s advanced CRM system, businesses can efficiently manage consent records, securely store consumer preferences, and automatically track the status of consent in real-time. This not only safeguards compliance but also enhances consumer trust by respecting their communication preferences, thereby optimizing engagement strategies in a legally compliant manner. Shape Software’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of privacy and compliance ensures that its users can focus on growth without compromising on legal requirements.

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