EMA + Shape creates affordable, high-quality marketing and sales for realtors and brokers.

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Industry-leading marketing team backed by a robust CRM.

EMA + Shape
Exceptional Marketing Team Backed by an Industry Leading CRM.

Don’t spend valuable time and resources on marketing campaigns that don’t convert. Build high-converting marketing campaigns that attract the best quality leads and lead to more deals than ever before with Shape + Exclusive Marketing Agency.

Get a customized end-to-end marketing strategy for your unique mortgage or real estate business needs.

We create marketing ecosystems — from lead generation to talent recruitment, to creating multi-channel marketing —that will transform your business into the brand, presence & profit making machine you’ve always wanted.

Receive, distribute, track, prioritize, and call high quality leads.

Easily consolidate all of your leads from various marketing channels into a single database. Streamline outreach and convert more sales to your pipeline with automated tracking, assignment, and lead scoring.

Nurture leads with robust email & text automation campaigns.

Automate personalized communications to borrowers and referral partners at all stages of the loan process. Shape’s best practices content library, coupled with EMA's content creation, is simple to implement and engages your customers from lead to post-close. Connect to your LOS for seamless milestone updates without lifting a finger.

Collapse sales cycle timelines and remarket with re-engagement tools.

Automate communications by nurturing leads to application, updating borrowers and referral partners at crucial loan milestones, and offering omnichannel post-close outreach to attract repeat business, so lenders can focus on what they do best – closing more loans.

Close more deals with Shape + EMA today!

Get a highly talented but cost-effective marketing team that feels like they're part of your business. EMA is a one-stop-shop marketing firm that will help you grow, transform your brand, connect more with customers, and make business more profitable than you’ve ever seen.