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Prioritize, track, and evaluate each opportunity to get the most out of your day.

Send new leads to your sales pipelines, automatically segmenting your contacts to target and engage the most qualified prospects.

With a repeatable and automated sales process, you can eliminate busy work and transform every salesperson into a revenue machine like never before.

Make a call, send a text or email, complete an action, add a note, and schedule tasks directly from your sales funnel through Shape’s customizable prioritized lists.

Strengthen relationships and turn every opportunity into a deal.

Get a comprehensive view of all the prospects in your sales funnel, track their progress through stages, and update numerous contacts at once in bulk.

View all of your activities, notes, emails, documents, messages, and other vital information for each client on a single screen.

With smooth and automated omnichannel communication, you can exceed your customers’ expectations.

Streamline and monitor your sales calls with integrated telephony tools.

Get phone numbers, make and receive calls, send texts, access call logs, record calls and get call insights all in one platform.

Shape’s cloud-based phone system supports inbound and outbound calling through your web browser or external phone without the need for any hardware.

Make calls part of your sales process with inbound call distribution, pre-recorded voicemail drop, local presence numbers, team call metrics, and so much more.

Increase your contact rates with built-in texting.

With real-time bi-directional text messaging, you’ll get faster responses and more engagement from your leads and customers. Begin by integrating text, the most successful communication channel, and all other kinds of communication from Shape’s SMS CRM.

Streamline your outreach process with pre-defined text templates, voice dictation tools, and drip campaign automation.

View your contacts’ entire SMS and MMS history in one place, just like on your smartphone, even if the discussions span many phone numbers.

Automate your operations, empower your team, and create a simplified process.

Using sales automation triggers, assign and update records and notify team members when action needs to be taken.

Capture your clients’ attention with personalized emails and text messages on key events like birthdays and anniversaries, and use nurture campaigns to develop long-lasting relationships.

Launch digital IP target marketing campaigns and send promotional emails and newsletters on a regular basis for updates, webinars, reviews, and offers to keep old and new customers interested.

Create sophisticated campaigns with Shape's marketing automation.

Capture new inquiries directly from your marketing channels and identify your highest quality prospects with lead scoring.

Shape’s highly targeted marketing campaigns connect with your prospects at every touchpoint in the sales funnel through drip automation with timing delays.

Create templates, and run A/B testing to examine your approach and reach a larger audience – monitor open rate and click-through rate to improve email campaigns for greater outreach.

Personalize your CRM to meet your company's unique requirements.

Every business’ sales process has its own distinct characteristics. Because one size does not fit all, Shape was created from the ground up to be extremely flexible.

In a few easy steps, build and adapt each module to your own sales process.

The benefits of Shape’s intuitive system are a shorter learning curve, simple adoption, and increased production – just for starters.

Connect Shape with the apps you rely on.

Extend your CRM capabilities to accomplish more than it could before. Integrate with the applications you want to use so you may flourish and build your business without boundaries.

Use Shape’s secure API platform to develop your own integrations, webhooks, Zapier, or out-of-the-box integrations.

Analyze your data with insightful reporting.

Use interactive, pre-built, and configurable sales reports to improve your operations and make data-driven decisions.

Report sales summaries, lead conversion, team performance, and communication metrics.

Every critical insight you want is only a few mouse clicks away including custom reports for tailored views.

Use Shape with your favorite apps

Work anywhere with Shape's cloud-based responsive platform.

Shape has been invaluable for the growth of my business. It's taken the stress out of organizing and tracking new leads with a reliable & automated follow-up system. Shape Software has given me the freedom to focus on my clients.
Aaron Powell
E Mortgage Capital

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