Bulk record update lists can be a Comma Delimited Text (.csv) file and must contain the Shape record ID of the records you want to update. After uploading your list, you will be able to match the field names for your data. For field name definitions, you can review the Field Guide on this page.

Follow these steps before you start updating any data.

  1. Make sure that your CSV file contains Shape’s record ID. Without the record ID, records will not be updated.

  2. Clean up the import file for accuracy and consistency. This involves updating the data to remove duplicates, delete unnecessary information, correct spelling and other errors, and enforce naming conventions. Matching dropdown options to exact matches is important for reporting purposes because if a value in a list isn’t found it will be added when possible.

  3. Compare your data fields with the Shape Software fields you can import into to verify that your data will be mapped into the appropriate Shape fields. You might need to fine-tune the mapping before starting the update. For details, see Field Guide on this page for help.

  4. If you are using the bulk record update to re-assign users, please be sure to use the proper department user and use the user ID number as it shows in the “Manage Users” settings page.