Easily create custom reports on your list pages! Customize your list/report columns using the “Columns” dropdown and filter your list using “Filters.”

If you need to export from your listings pages (limited to certain user types), use the “Export” dropdown to save as a CSV file. Exports that are initiated on your list pages are placed in a queue and Shape will notify you when your exports are ready for download.

You will get both an email in the system and you will also have the downloads available in your export report for 48 hours. Find the export report in the download arrow icon in your gradient navigation bar. Exports are limited to 3,000 records per export.

Export via List Page: Generate and export your list page reports using the “Export” dropdown to save as a CSV file. This feature is limited to certain user roles in Shape Software.

Exporting: Once you click to export as a CSV file, your export report will be generated within 10 minutes. Once the report is ready for download, you will get an email to your email address located in your profile page and you will also be able to download the report from your export report in the system.

System Notification: Once your export is ready for download, you will get a red notification on the download (down arrow icon) in your gradient navigation bar.

Export Report: Exports that were initiated and ready for download in the system will be available for 48 hours in your export report.