What is CIC Credit Pull?

Experience fast, professional credit reporting from CIC Mortgage Credit nationwide through Shape’s cloud infrastructure is user-friendly and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Instantly request, retrieve, view and print in-file/Pre-Qual and RMCR/Factual Reports right from Shape.

What It Does

  • Ability to do a soft credit pull within Shape via CIC. The results then populate in Shape once completed.

How it Works

    1. Connect CIC via the “Integrations” page in your Shape Software settings page. You will need the following information:

      1. MCL Interface

      2. Username

      3. Password

    2. If the integration is enabled, the CIC credit pull integrations table will appear on the Lead Details page

Integrating with CIC: Integrate your CIC Credit Pull account via the “Integrations” settings page in your Shape Software system.

Using CIC Credit Pull: Once the integration is enabled, you will be able to pull Joint or Individual credit reports via the “Lead Details” tab.