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Mortgage Update: Loans Pipeline Report Organization

  • February 3, 2022
  • 2 min read
  • “Loans” Report in Navigation Bar

    Track all current and existing loans across multiple borrowers in a single location. The “Loans” report shows all quick app current loans as well as additional loans added via the “Loans” tab within the record details page. Filter by loan status, purpose, and loan amount to drill down on your current loan pipeline. The pipeline is organized by the “Loan Status” field located in the “Quick App” and “Loans” tabs.

    Loan Report Organization

    1. Loan Application

    2. Ready for Docs (Docs Ordered)

    3. Docs Requested

    4. Docs Received

    5. Submitted to Underwriting

    6. Appraisal Ordered

    7. Appraisal Inspection Scheduled

    8. Appraisal Received

    9. Initial Underwriting Approval Received

    10. Submitted to Investor

    11. Conditions Submitted

    12. Conditional Approval

    13. Approval

    14. Final Approval – Clear to Close

    15. Closing Disclosure (CD) Issued

    16. Disclosures Received

    17. Closing Instructions Sent to Title Company

    18. Closed/Funded

    19. Cancelled

    20. Suspended

    Within the record details pages, we’ve added the ability to add more loans to your borrower’s profile. Track more loans and swap out current working loans that are on the quick app with existing loans via the “Loans” tab.