Note: Before being able to use the phone, please be sure that you’ve successfully enabled your phone integration, purchased a phone number, verified caller ID numbers, and added usage credits. If you haven’t done this yet, please visit the “Manage Call Settings” settings page.

Utilizing the Webphone

The webphone call preference refers to calling directly from your CRM through your web browser. No phones, other hardware, or apps necessary for inbound or outbound calls. Headset recommended.

Note: The webphone popup will launch as soon as you log into Shape, however you can launch a new popup from within the dialer slideout by clicking “Launch Webphone Popup”.

You will find the preference dropdown at the bottom left of the dialer slideout to set to webphone (dialing through your internet browser using a headset) or call forwarding (diverting the call to an outside line).

This can also be set in your user profile under phone settings.

You will need to make sure that the webphone popup is pulled up and minimized and not closed out to facilitate making and receiving calls in Shape. Also make sure that your microphone is enabled in the popup.

Click the camera icon in the top right of the popup to enable your microphone for dialing in Shape.

Webphone Dialer Slideout Capabilities

You will find several options and buttons in your dialer slide out to give you full functionality needed when dialing your customers. These options are detailed below.

Inactive Call Screen

Active Call Screen

Note: If you attempt to dial out without your webphone popup minimized, a webphone popup will automatically launch and you will be prompted to click the “Redial” button to attempt the call again.

Productivity While Dialing

You will find several additional buttons when dialing records in Shape to make you as efficient as possible! Add calendar events, set the call outcome, and leave notes on the record without ever leaving the call! This saves you time from going back and forth between the record and your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is due to being set to call forwarding as your phone preference. Simply switch your phone preference to webphone from the dialer slideout.

This is due to having your phone preference as call forwarding. The webphone popup is not needed to dial out using call forwarding.

This is most commonly due to not having cleared the cache on your browser recently. Clearing you cache is critical when it comes to using in-browser dialers as your browser will cache files that may conflict with new updates to the websites you visit.

This is most commonly due to the output setting on your device being set to a different accessory than intended.

Please check to make sure your microphone is enabled in Shape and your output settings are correct.

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