9 Ways to Improve Your Marketing

Research based on 10+ years of data & billions in closed deal volume.

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Marketing Plan Outline

Marketing strategies can be quite specific depending on the industry you're in, whether you're selling to consumers or businesses, and the extent of your online presence. Nevertheless, every successful marketing plan has a few essential components that you should know about and start using. Shape comes with pre-built tools, templates, campaigns, and automation required to establish a successful marketing plan.

Having automated follow-up for speed to contact, follow up and touch points throughout the sales process, a long-term marketing plan, and generating referral or repeat business is best practice for any company, regardless of the products or services they sell.



1. Automate outreach based on statuses

Automate the right email and text, at the right time. Over 70% of your leads are not ready to move forward. The most effective teams automate the lead nurture and qualification process to focus their time on leads most likely to close. However, long-term success relies on nurturing your leads to produce sales-ready ones.

Having automated follow up for speed to contact, follow up and touch points throughout the sales process, a long term marketing plan, and generating referral or repeat business is best practice for any company, regardless of the products or services they sell.

Shape Software includes hundreds of pieces of content, such as sales email and text templates, follow-up campaigns with scheduling cadence based on data-driven results, and trigger-based automation for holidays, birthdays, and other events.

Get more conversions with a 21-day reminder sequence.

Explore some of Shape's pre-made campaigns

2. Use holidays & birthdays as a free touch-point

Stay top of mind with your leads and closed clients by automating MMS holiday texts to show them you value their relationship and create another opportunity for you to generate more business.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The same way social media image ads have such high conversion also applies to text. Instead of an image your customer may scroll by on social platforms you can deliver your unique message directly to your customers smart device – there is no better targeted ad. Use multimedia text messages instead of regular texts to increase engagement by over 15%. There are twelve (12) free opportunities to use MMS campaigns with clients: eleven federal holidays and birthdays.

Increase engagement by 15% with holiday MMS campaigns

3. Improve your email open rates

Are you creating a unique customer interaction? The key to higher email open rates is personalizing your content using targeted relevant subject lines. Using personalized subject lines, such as including the prospects name, has proven to increase your email open rates by over 50%. Email is still the most cost efficient form of marketing.

The average email open rate without using Shape’s merge tags is ~18%. However, when personalized merge tags are used (name, company, etc.) the open rate has been shown to increase by over 50% to 27% or more.

Video email marketing is even more effective

Use Shape’s best-in-class video marketing cadence, which has been shown to be exponentially more effective than print and direct mail.

4. Validate your email list

Use email validation to save money on bad email addresses, cleanse your data to reduce email bounce rates, and protect your domain reputation. By using this tool on your data to remove DNC, bad contact info, and non ideal customer profiles. Your data will now be optimized allowing your remarketing efforts to be less expensive and more efficient.

5. Systematically prospect with lead scoring

ShapeIQ uses artificial-intelligence based lead scoring, Using analytics, and your own business data to increase your conversion percentage and revenue. Using lead scoring you can create an ICP "Ideal Customer Profile" filtering your data to work smarter. You set the criteria for your perfect customer and allow the AI tool to work several hundred data points dynamically to bring those customers to the top of your sales teams list.

6. Increase your sales call connections

Shape has a built-in robust dialer and text messaging solution. No need to sign up with outside vendors, you can get set up in minutes all in one platform. Phone setup is set up by Shape's expert onboarding team. Shape supports both calling through the browser via the "Webphone" as well as "Call Forwarding" preferences.

Setup call forwarding and reduce missed deal opportunities or route calls to others when you’re not available. Missing a single call can be the difference between a closed deal and a lost opportunity.

Click to call, or use QuickFire Connect to get in touch with your leads faster than your competitors. Cold calling? Enable local presence with Shape and call your contacts from local area codes to increase call connections by as much as four times (400% or 4x).

Get more responses with follow-up automation.

Boost conversions with automatic communication throughout the sales cycle

7. Use a customer point of sale (Customer Portal)

Many companies send texts and emails to schedule a time to speak. This is not optimal as it encourages people to take up precious time that could be better used to fill out qualifying information and provide the required documents needed to close a deal.

Many companies have a customer portal but they are not using the correct communication automation to maximize their pull-thru rate…

Current Shape clients that send at least 5 email and text reminders to clients with unfinished point of sale applications see a 63% increase in conversions.

Get what you need faster with portal email and text reminders.

On average, 13 mortgage portal applications are completed for every 100 Initial portal link sent. Completed applications jump to ~21 from 13 when Shape’s best-in-class portal automation is used.

8. Remarket with targeted digital display ads

Targeted ads allow you to show advertisements online directly to contacts in your CRM. These types of ads are clicked ten (10) times more than regular ads since they are targeted, and when used with automated email and text campaigns, they increase the chances of a sale by over 50%. Display Ads establish a unique branding experience for your customers keeping your business top of mind organically.

Make yourself known with IP target marketing

Deliver ads straight to your customers home wifi network. Using IP targeted ads on your first-party data results in a 161% increase in the conversion rate at a fraction of the price of regular display ads.

9. Get reminder notifications

Shape reminds you when important events occur, when to follow up, and when customers open or click your emails sent, so you can touch base with them at the critical conversion points. Get these reminds as pop ups, to your email, or text to your smart device. Also use automated notifications for your customers to keep them on track with your sales process through their point of sale.

Start Marketing Today

Start your marketing strategy for the year is with small wins, and ramp up quickly. Position yourself to accomplish more demanding targets and take on more complex initiatives over time. Are you ready to take Shape's marketing for a test drive?