At a Glance

If you’re tired of wasting precious administrative time on low-quality or non-converting leads for your solar business, it’s time you tried the powerful and proven combo of Shape Solar CRM + Verse! With our new seamless connection with Verse, the lead conversion leader, you can use the power of AI lead scoring and automation to qualify your best prospects and use Shape to nurture them through to conversion.

Why You Need This Duo

Most solar businesses waste endless hours chasing down prospects who may not be a good fit and never end up leading to actual revenue. Instead of spending valuable time you could use to grow your marketing efforts or invest in your business, you wind up wasting hours a week on emails, phone calls, and back-and-forths that don’t better your bottom line.

Instead of endless admin, opt for a workflow that not only simplifies your day-to-day but is proven to boost your lead conversion rates by 300%.

How it Works

The Shape Solar + Verse connection is a game-changer for solar businesses because it harnesses the power of smart AI, automation, and the right human touch to identify, qualify, nurture, and convert leads already in your pipeline! Here’s how it works:

  • Verse’s AI automation helps identify the best quality leads already in your pipeline

  • Verse’s genuine human outreach frees up your time by reaching out manually and qualifying your leads to send you only the best prospects for your solar business

  • Sync these qualified leads from Verse with Shape Solar CRM to immediately engage them with triggered email campaigns, marketing drips, and more

  • Receive live transfer calls and book appointments directly from Verse concierge

  • Use Shape’s Quickfire Connect to contact leads and begin nurturing the relationships quickly

  • Automatically follow up with your qualified leads, create custom triggers and send online proposals—all from Shape’s easy-to-use platform—in just a click

  • View properties in real-time with Shape’s Google Maps integration

  • And more!

With solar competition heating up, give your business the edge it needs to focus on the right prospects at the right time. Streamline your workflow and start driving more revenue today!

Better leads, More Revenue

For a limited time, when you buy Verse + Shape Solar CRM together, you’ll receive 250 free lead evaluations from Verse and $100 off Shape implementation and setup fees.*

*Valid to new customers of Shape Software and Verse who sign up and connect their accounts by December 31, 2020.

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