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What’s behind an achievable goal? Strategy!

From heading off to the gym at 5 am sharp, to hanging those vision boards up in every room, to learning a foreign language, the first of the year always brings a dizzying amount of goal activity. For business owners, however, it’s a bit more seamless. To say it is “business as usual” is not exactly an understatement, but it is a buzz kill. (So we won’t say that.)

At Shape, we will say this about setting and achieving goals:

• Make them measurable in small to large chunks of activity.
• Make them attainable.
• Have clear reasons for setting & achieving the goal.
• Have a reward system that motivates achievers.
Last but not least, have a STRATEGY in place.


Business goals haven’t really changed all that much through the years, but the strategies have.

We know in business that without a strategy, goals are just words dangling on a whiteboard. They have no meaning because there’s no path to follow. Add strategy to those goals and then you have a whiteboard with wings.

Shape software is a business owner’s best friend because it literally shapes the activity you are already doing to achieve your goals. As a business, you want to achieve exponential growth, customer satisfaction, employee retention, increased brand awareness, all while continuing to attract new customers. That’s a lot. In order to achieve all those things, you need someone to have your back.


Shape has your back.

  • Achieve your business goals with cloud software that allows you to:
  • Grow like a company twice your size by leveraging technology and automation tailor-made to your industry.
  • Nurture your customer relationships with seamless technology that lets you communicate with your customer via text, email, or phone.
  • Make employees happy by doing away with antiquated spreadsheets and one-dimensional reports and give them the tools they need to be productive and successful.
  • Increase brand awareness by creating, automating, measuring, and optimizing all your online marketing in one place.
  • Increase sales and attract customers with targeted email campaigns from data you’ve already gathered by doing “business as usual.”

Goals. They really can be achieved. No, really! Seamlessly, with Shape! Contact us for your free trial.

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