The use of e-signature solutions once felt as revolutionary as email, and if your law firm used any kind of e-signature software, you felt at least a half-step ahead of the competition. Now, though, everyone from real estate companies to financial institutions to your competition has caught up, meaning it’s important to take that next step. To continue as a client-first practice with an up-to-date toolset, as well as improve your relationship with your clients, you must combine e-signature solutions with your customer relationship management software

Quicker Document Turnaround

Even if your firm is new to e-signature software, there’s no better introduction than a system that combines everything you’ll need in one platform. Often the largest holdup to finalizing a contract or beginning work for a client is aligning schedules for a client to come in or complete their intake packet. With e-signatures, that issue is erased, and clients can sign your fee agreements or other documents just as they would agree to terms and conditions on a website. Simple, quick, and a great experience for your future clients every single time.

When was the last time you could deliver consistently great customer service without lifting a finger?

By keeping your CRM and e-signature software programs apart, you’re doing your law firm a disservice (and wasting some cash, too). With separate solutions to what’s mostly the same problem, you’ll find yourself devoting time to manually updating these systems or employing yet another program to run an error-prone sync. A CRM that offers e-signature means that when the client signs, you are as well.

Improved Client Experience

A perhaps too-little mentioned cause of bad client experiences is the spam folder. It sits there, so close to the email inbox yet seemingly so far away, gobbling up mass emails, marketing promos, and, unfortunately often, important emails and documents that arrive from the unexpected email address of your intake staff.

By utilizing an all-in-one legal CRM program with e-signature offerings, your clients don’t need to go through and manually whitelist an entire array of email addresses. Not only does that improve turnaround time, it means clients won’t sit there staring at their email inbox, seething about a missing email that is lying undiscovered in their spam folder. After all – the #1 complaint to the ABA from clients is about lack of communication from their lawyer.

Better, More Secure Data Management

No doubt about it, one of the most prominent problems firms face is software that does 80 percent of what they need. This causes a need for additional programs, which may not integrate seamlessly with your current system, which can lead to a complex patchwork of data that can be difficult to manage, navigate, and export to you a case management tool — and that’s if the data doesn’t have matching errors or needless data tables.

With an all-in-one system, you’ll be able to manage your entire relationship lifecycle with clients, from when they were a mere potential lead to post-case referrals. You’ll also be able to quickly and securely access their data in one place, without the need of learning dense database query languages.

How Shape Software Can Help

Shape Software is an ideal tool for law firms of all sizes. Its online marketing, lead management, and intake tools allow you to capture leads and move them through an organized sales pipeline, and help your teams collaborate to offer the best to your clients. Every Shape account not only includes tons of integrations like e-signature, but also a centralized storage for accounts, contracts, and documents so your team can access them when needed. Learn more about our industry specific Law Firm CRM.

If you need an all-in-one CRM tool that includes e-signature solutions, call us today at 888-762-7211 to or book a free demo to see how we can meet your firm’s needs.

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