In today’s competitive landscape, precision is key. Potential clients want to know that you understand their fears, concerns, and questions and can provide the advice and answers that will instill trust and win their business. You can’t do this by sending out the same mass emails to everyone in your database. Instead of taking a half-hearted one-size-fits-all-needs approach, you can use a CRM that will help you segment and target different sets of prospects and clients with unique, specific, and helpful messaging.

Nurture and Convert New Prospects Through Targeting

When you take the time to look at the process of a contract signing in full, you’ll see just how much time and effort goes in to completing a document, especially when multiple parties are involved. It takes time to send the documents to one party, have them send it back with their signatures, send it on to the next party, etcetera, etcetera.

How does that work in action? Think of it through the lens of a classic marketing funnel:

Now, this is somewhat of a simplification of how a marketing funnel works, but no matter what stage a prospect is in, you should always be nurturing them toward a purchase. Perhaps you build email campaigns with blog posts that show off the cost savings of solar installation or send over testimonials for other successful probate cases your firm has handled – these kinds of nurtured drip emails have a 2x higher open rate than traditional one-off emails you or your staff is manually sending and result in 40% more revenue, on average.
Don’t let another prospect slip through the cracks because you forgot (or didn’t have the time) to follow up with them quickly. Leveraging automation ensures you’ll always stay a step ahead of your competition!

Targeted Communication On Your Clients’ Terms

Americans, on average, look at their smartphones a whopping 52 times a day, and over 85% of the population relies on their device as a primary mode of communication. Although you want a CRM that can integrate with or even replace your phone system like Shape, you’ll also need to consider the role texting will play in your business.

What are the advantages of using a CRM that will enable texting to the various segments of your prospects and clients in your database? Consider these stats (14) (15):

By building texting into your onboarding or nurturing workflow with Shape, you can craft tailored messaging to fit specific client needs.

Try adding a project status update into your workflows, or a welcome message for every new lead that submits their information on your website – the possibilities of targeted messaging allow you to breed relevant and meaningful relationships that will result in greater client satisfaction, and that’s only going to help your bottom line.

Get SMART With Shape

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