Every client enters with a problem in the hopes that your firm can help solve it. They have a wrong they need to right and with that – an inherent right to counsel. They have a story, and with that story comes a bevy of details that lead to more details, which generate documents, which result in more details, and so on…

How do you manage the details of each case with precision and reliability, and:

• Increase profitability
• Share information
• Manage tasks
• Nurture the client, and
• Follow up on leads and referrals?

Well, you can either employ a small village of genius multitaskers, or you can invest in Shape’s Legal Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) specifically designed for attorneys and law firms.

Shape’s business cloud software delivers cutting edge technology to law firms by increasing employee productivity and taking the guesswork out of multitasking through intuitive, real-time automation. After all, you’ve got enough problems to solve. Isn’t it time to delegate a few hundred things? (O.K. “hundreds” could be categorized under “embellishment,” but you get the idea.)

Exhale with Shape’s Legal CRM

Take the next 30 seconds to skim these scenarios. Then exhale. Then contact us to start your free trial.

  • Streamline the Intake Process with online forms and form builders, e-signatures, file attachments, and more. Integrates with Needles or Clio for a one-stop-shop of gorgeous multitasking.
  • Secure Communication with 24-7 portal for direct and private messaging via phone, text, email and link it automatically to the case file.
  • Billing, with ease. (This is not an oxymoron.) Track time and expenses, create and track invoices, monitor online client payments, gather financial reports and more.
  • Manage Deadlines and Calendars, including Statutes of Limitations.
  • Manage Documents and Records, including third party sources.
  • Create and Manage Tasks and assist the staff with prioritizing.
  • Manage Contacts and avoid conflicts of interest with providers.
  • Built-in Calendar Clerk so you never miss a court appearance again.

Breathing is never overrated.

We know you’re busy solving problems for your clients. We understand. We’re here to solve your problems with reliable, secure cloud software that takes multitasking to a whole new level.

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