If Netflix’s latest customer outrage has anything to tell us, it’s that the general public can’t and won’t stand for new advertisement methods. Even optional ones! These thinly veiled marketing efforts claim to offer viewers new content tailored to their interests but instead have created outrage. This begs a larger question for marketing to such a diverse audience set…

How can real estate agents and brokers expected to connect to the public without adding to the frustrating surge of obvious promotional material? We’ve put together some tips for how to authentically communicate with your audience in a way they’ll actually enjoy.

Maximize the effectiveness of your CRM.

We’ve talked about this on the Shape blog before. Some companies are having a tough time of letting go of their old, ineffective CRM. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a better system, or you’re a first time CRM buyer and you’d like to learn more about how this business management software can help, look no further than Shape.

Shape CRM specializes in Real Estate, meaning we have the tools necessary for tackling all your annoyingly specific problems. Trade soulless advertisements for customized messages tailored to each individual. Use reporting to analyze what is and is not helping you attract new clientele.

Automate your to-do list so you can spend more time creating valuable connections.

There are certain necessary tasks that don’t require any special skill or knowledge sitting on your to-do list right now. Automating them is the first step in freeing up your schedule to focus on the one thing that matters most to your business: clients.

Manage leads, prioritize tasks, and even create invoices in seconds. Streamlining workflow is the first step to successfully outselling the competition.

Personalize your service to the individual without having to lift a finger.

Certain business management solutions like Shape CRM offer features that allow you to personalize messages without any additional thought. Using info that has already been captured and stored by advanced software, your emails and SMS messages can reflect up-to-the-minute changes in the lives of your clients. Use these tools to creatively reach out and connect.

Provide excellent service that goes above and beyond.

Of course every real estate agent wants to do this. But are you taking the necessary steps to outshining your competition? Here are some suggested ideas of easy to implement tactics to get you started:

  • Digitally send documents that allow customer to sign right from their computers. No extra printing or apps needed.

  • Ensure your contracts are compliant by using drag and drop form builders to keep Legal happy.

  • Give new and existing clients their very own login to a personalized web page solely dedicated to their account. You can even use it to store communication info so that everyone stays on the same page at every step of the way.

Find unobtrusive strategies to check in every step of the way.

People don’t mind being advertised to when they’re expecting it. So keep up with your hard mailers and email newsletters by automating (yes, there’s that word again) messages to send at appropriate stages of the process, giving you one less thing to think about.

Keep Improving Your Marketing Plan

Luckily for Netflix, they took the hint really quickly and publicly explained the reasoning behind their marketing faux pas. The takeaway here is that regardless of how successful your business is there is always more to be learned. Focusing your efforts on advertising in appropriate and – dare we say it – enjoyable ways will continue to add value to your relationships.

It’s possible that updating your marketing strategy isn’t on your long to-do list right now and that’s perfectly okay. If you need any help keeping a smile on your prospects’ faces, Shape is happy to assist you! See how Shape uses its business tools to help real estate agents and brokers renew their dedication to their clientele.

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