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Are Your Sales Pros Selling or Doing Busy Work?

Superb sales professionals are driven to succeed by the emotional high they get from solving their customer’s problems.

You could call it the Superhero Sales Pro Syndrome. Sans the cape, these superhero sales pros take great pride in rescuing their customers from inept products and services that promise to solve their problems but don’t. Sales pros are on the spot, on point, intently listening, uncovering needs, and meeting those needs with products and services they know will, in fact, save the day.

So imagine the sales pro’s frustration when in the middle of a rescue mission, they have to stop and catch up with their own activity through clunky, redundant data entry. This hunt-and-peck-style information logging might generate a few color-coded reports, but it’s not intuitive and efficient enough to actually help the sales professional attract, land and service their customer.

Empower the sales superheroes in your business and try Shape out for 14 days, free of charge, free of hassles. Stop the busy work and connect, manage, and increase sales with Shape software and of course…save the day.

Empower your sales professionals with Shape Software CRM


At Shape, we understand sales professionals.


We admire their superhero abilities and we think they should have all the tools necessary to succeed, like intuitive cloud software that:

  • Communicates seamlessly with customers through intelligent tools for emailing, texting, calling, and more.
  • Manages contacts and accounts in one place. No more spreadsheets or the need for multiple systems to manage your business.
  • Offers technology and automation that’s tailor-made to your industry.
  • Generates custom reports to analyze and manage your data so you can make informed decisions.
  • Organizes your pipeline & collapse the sales cycle.

Shape’s cloud-based software helps businesses manage every contact, account, and relationship in real time, quickly and efficiently, without putting any strain on their most valuable asset – the passion of their superheroes. Because busy work will do that. Meaningless, trite, redundant busy work dilutes passion and creates a breeding ground for mediocre sales.

The common denominator of all great salespeople is – they’d rather be selling than hanging out in an office, car, or cafe doing data entry. However vital the data is, deep down – they could care less. They care about what came before the data – the customer.

Empower the sales superheroes in your business and join over 21,000 users on Shape Today!