It’s no secret that there are dozens of tools out there to make law firms more efficient and improve the client process. From intake to scheduling to practice and case management, you may find your firm racking up an incredible amount of monthly fees with all the software required to get the job done.

Luckily, the legal software experts over at Lawyerist agree that “It’s a good match for nearly any sized law firm including solo practitioners” to run their entire practice on.

Managing the ins and outs of every prospect and client can be a delicate juggle for any sized firm, even the most experienced. With some cases requiring multiple check ins, documents, and updates, it can be a full time job just keeping your clients in the loop. The Lawyerist team suggests firms adopt Shape’s “project management tools [to] help you centralize prospective clients and manage existing accounts and contacts,” and that with our “ a native Android and iOS mobile app … you can complete tasks and manage your business from anywhere.

Switching to new software can be difficult. Your firm may have been running for years on a combination of legacy tools that do just enough of what you need. But is just enough going to help you and your partners reach your financial goals? Is it going to make life a lot easier for your support staff? Why not try a tool that was designed with your practice’s needs in mind?

When it comes to implementation and onboarding, the Lawyerist team agreed that Shape was simple to adopt for almost any firm.

“The user experience and set up of triggers and drip campaigns is very intuitive. Even setting up workflows seems very plug-and-play. Your firm can get its on-boarding, relationship management, client service workflows and other processes very specific to your firm’s needs.”

Shape Legal is more than just case and client management – every plan comes packed with award-winning features to help simplify even the most frustrating parts of running a business, like billing.

“Shape CRM is the only known CRM for law firms with built-in online invoicing. Task and time tracking can be managed on the platform which translates to billing and invoicing relatively seamlessly, while keeping everything in one place.”

Isn’t it time you made the switch to an all-in-one system designed to make running a law firm easier?