How can a CRM help you streamline your business? For starters, think about all the various tools and subscriptions you may already be using on a daily basis:

What if you could take all of these costly tools that serve just a singular purpose, and replace them with one affordable solution that helps you more effectively achieve your business goals? That’s precisely what a CRM like Shape does!

Shape Software CRM

The first thing you notice when you log into the Shape CRM every day is your dashboard which will give you a crystal clear pulse on your business. Not only can you customize your dashboard to view the metrics that matter most to you (from client conversions to project status and more), but you can easily check in on your team and see their productivity

Better Team Management

Whether your team is in-house or on-the-go, Shape is packed full of customizable tools that help you achieve more together. Streamlining all your client projects, goals, and tasks in one place allows you to assign and track the progress of work in just a few clicks. No more second guessing the status of a project or the effectiveness of an employee – Shape gives you the insight you need to make the critical business decisions and provides a digital paper trail of accountability.

Workflows Keep Projects Moving

It’s a familiar scene – Monday morning comes, and you ask your team for an update on your newest big client. Has anyone sent them the updated contract? Has it even been signed yet? No?! Eliminate these unknowns and instead create next-level customer service by building custom workflows in Shape.

Do all your mortgage clients follow the same project path? Does every legal case you handle get sent the same packet of documents? For every solar installation your team takes on, are you repeating the same steps over and over again?

Workflows help you streamline the manual day-to-day tasks that need to get done to move projects forward. Instead of spending countless hours chasing down open contacts or manually typing up thank you emails, build your workflow templates and automatically assign clients as they come in!

After all, employees admit that over 55% of their workday is wasted on frequent administrative tasks (4). That’s your bottom line, typing up the same email over and over and over again.

The best part about workflows? You can automate only as much as you want or need. Always want to proof a document before it goes out to a client, or want to text a prospect manually when a quote is ready? Shape gives you total control over how your work gets done.

Benefits of Using Workflows:

  • Convert More Prospects:

    A Harvard Business Review study found that firms who followed up with potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead (5). Having a lead inquiry workflow will allow you to automatically respond to and nurture these prospects which means you’ll be 50% more likely to close your next deal!

  • Create Consistency:

    As you build your team and your business grows, processes are tested and often tossed to the side. With pre-built workflows, you can ensure that your team will always follow the project process and that clients will get a consistent experience every time. After all, client referrals convert 30% better than leads from any other channel combined! (6)

  • Quick Communication:

    With workflows, you can build in an array of customized notification settings and updates that keep your team and the client in the loop of project status. Those in the legal world know that the #1 complaint to the bar association is lack of communication (it affects just about every industry, really) – instead, using a CRM that can automatically email, text, or set up a meeting when vital information must be relayed is crucial.

What are you waiting for? Try Shape Software CRM free!

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