Email Authentication

Shape offers an email infrastructure and delivery service. Users can send, receive, and manage email communication all within Shape's interface. Shape offers features like email sending, email tracking, and more for conversation, transactional, and marketing emails.

When a user sends an email from Shape, it displays their full name and email address as they appear in Shape. Additionally, it is "sent via" a sending email domain. While Shape includes a built-in sending subdomain, this can sometimes trigger DMARC settings. To avoid potential issues like email blocking or spam, it's common to authenticate your domain.​

Custom Email Sending Domains

Your system features several authenticated email domains. This was a collaborative effort involving your internal IT team and Shape developers. The DNS settings were provided, implemented on your hosting service, and Shape's engineering team configured conditions across all branches to ensure the sending subdomain aligns with the sender's email address.

Different email providers may display the "sent via" information differently, and this is not always within Shape's control. In many cases, it's a setting specific to the email provider. Here are examples of how it may appear on popular platforms.

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