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Shape provides not only a powerful ad builder, but also thousands of pre-designed digital ads based on business type. Browse our library of thousands of pre-designed ads or, if you prefer, use our ad builder to create your own. Shape’s digital ad creator then generates desktop and mobile versions of your ad to instantly preview and approve, or edit.

Programmatic advertising allows you to run ads across all of the top websites on the internet with significantly more targeting than social media, at a far cheaper cost. Prior to Shape, programmatic advertising was only available to large marketers that could afford pricey tools. Shape advertises on a variety of websites, including but not limited to the Weather Channel, ESPN, Yahoo, USA Today, Forbes,, and CNN, and much more.

Connect to all of the major customer data sources to tailor your ads to the specific demographics you want to reach. You may advertise based on your desired locations, hobbies, behaviors, and more, with over 200,000 audience attributes to pick from. Each ad is assigned a unique identifier, which is used to measure impressions, clicks, and conversion events on the landing page. Add additional Google Analytics tracking code for even more insights.

Get more conversions, sales, and high ROI.

Use our easy yet effective IP targeting software to get your digital ads in front of the right people. Shape’s AI technology matches IP addresses to physical addresses using geolocation and visitation data with a 95 percent confidence level. This 1:1 marketing allows us to segment audiences and deliver more relevant hyper-personalized messages.

In the name of customer privacy, tech giants such as Google and Apple are withdrawing support for cookie-based advertising. Shape employs its own ad delivery, measurement, and targeting tools, which are not reliant on third-party cookies. The IP target marketing approach uses the customer’s IP address to match mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to a physical address. We can avoid all cookie-based fraud by serving ads directly to the devices in that household using this strategy.

Retargeting enables your company to display tailored ads to leads who inquired but did not convert the first time. Shape’s targeting can be based on geography, audience data, search history, offline purchase activity, and more. Retargeting ads entice previous visitors to return by displaying relevant campaigns while they browse popular websites, keeping your business at the forefront of their minds. This billboard branding and marketing approach sets you apart from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

DNS lookup is the Domain Name System (DNS) querying technique used to identify the domain name associated with a given IP address.

Remarketing is popular digital marketing strategy where ads are put in front of users who have visited a website, but who have not acted. It’s a very effective way to target people who have already demonstrated an interest in your business.

By targeting existing or past customers, remarketing is a second chance to convert prospective or existing customers through online advertising campaigns. Remarketing typically works by collecting email addresses to create lists to send out future sales email campaigns.

Retargeting allows you to remind your customers of your products and services after they leave your website without buying. It enables you to show your visitors relevant banner or display ads about your products or services when they visit other websites, use other apps, or conduct searches.

Retargeting delivers ads to prospective customers based on cookies. It allows you to target consumers based on their past behavior online by tracking which website pages they have visited, how long they spent on each page, and which links they click. ShapeIP is the ONLY retargeting and marketing IP matching software on the market that gives you hyper-personalized, privacy compliant, digital ads with unparalleled precision on millions of websites your customers visit regularly.

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