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Get your online ads in front of the right people through IP target marketing

Get laser-targeted traffic with digital ads

A second chance to convert leads through online ads

  • IP Target Marketing

    Show your ads to the leads that have inquired with you in the past through IP target marketing

  • Privacy Compliance

    Our innovative platform serves ads directly to the devices in your household, so you can be confident that your campaigns are reaching the right people

  • Remarketing

    Show your visitors relevant banner or display ads about your products or services when they visit other websites, use other apps, or conduct searches

Cookie-less ads

In the name of customer privacy, support for cookie-based advertising is dwindling. With IP target marketing, serve ads directly to the devices in that household using compliant, cookie-free geolocation data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shape’s AI algorithm uses numerous first party data elements to match IP addresses to a physical address, using geolocation and visitation data with a 95% confidence level. This 1:1 marketing allows us to segment audiences and deliver more relevant, hyper-personalized messages. Our proprietary ShapeIQ software’s reverse DNS lookup capability is fully compliant with all laws and regulations as IP address tracking is legal when used for B2B retargeting purposes.

DNS lookup is the Domain Name System (DNS) querying technique used to identify the domain name associated with a given IP address.

The process matches mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to a physical address through the customer’s IP address. This method allows us to bypass all the lead cookie-based fraud and serve ads directly to the devices in that household – within 24 hrs.

Remarketing is popular digital marketing strategy where ads are put in front of users who have visited a website, but who have not acted. It’s a very effective way to target people who have already demonstrated an interest in your business.

By targeting existing or past customers, remarketing is a second chance to convert prospective or existing customers through online advertising campaigns. Remarketing typically works by collecting email addresses to create lists to send out future sales email campaigns.

Powered by ShapeIQ, Shape automatically builds an extremely targeted, smart list of your customers and weeds out any non-customers to target your most qualified prospects. That way, you can create a mailing list of prospects based on website traffic tracking and capture email addresses from website visitors.

Retargeting allows you to remind your customers of your products and services after they leave your website without buying. It enables you to show your visitors relevant banner or display ads about your products or services when they visit other websites, use other apps, or conduct searches.

Retargeting delivers ads to prospective customers based on cookies. It allows you to target consumers based on their past behavior online by tracking which website pages they have visited, how long they spent on each page, and which links they click. ShapeIP is the ONLY retargeting and marketing IP matching software on the market that gives you hyper-personalized, privacy compliant, digital ads with unparalleled precision on millions of websites your customers visit regularly.

Because the targeted audience you’ve created is reflective of your best customers, you get a high percentage of click-throughs. This B2B retargeting guides your prospects towards the next stage of the buyers’ journey. The average CTR for targeted ads is 10 times higher than regular display ads.

"Shape is an amazing clear-cut, efficient, streamlined software that allows you to customize to your personal needs."
Timmya G., Mortgage Underwriter​
"The CRM has been tailored made for our business. It's helped us optimize our workflow and helped increase productivity."
Sara H. Major Account Executive
"The software came with everything already built into it or it was just a click to connect what we wanted in the integration dashboard."
Genevieve J. Legal Associate
"The reliability, outstanding customer service and the amount of time/expense saved daily from this awesome tool. Very easy to use."
Administrator in Information Technology and Services
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